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Dear Ludia Developers & Management

Dear Ludia
As everyone knows, the community isn’t always the happiest about the things you do with JWA. Now some of the time it’s for an understandable reason, but other times it’s just because. I think a lot of the problem is because… because You as a company are known to make mistakes. Maybe because developing is just a chor to you, it’s just your paycheck, you don’t have a passion for your job or I don’t know what it is. But if you tried harder or you put some more heart, soul, and pride in your work it would show, and you would have a great game to be proud of, that everyone enjoyed. If you care could you show it more?

Also you really could let us in on some of the things you are thinking need, or you are changing. Just things like “hey we’re thinking that Indoraptor is too strong, do you agree? How about nerfing Indoraptor’s attack a little, like to 1420? We don’t need to know everything your thinking, but just things you are changing that you guys think need changed, if you know it needs changed go right ahead. We would love to have clear understandable communication. If we don’t understand is too hard to clearify a little more? Also can we get like a two week or monthly note from the Developers saying what’s going like known bugs, bugs that you are figuring out how to fix, etc.? Communication of some sort on a regular basis (no longer than two months apart) would go a long way to making everyone happier. The happier everyone is with the game, the more time and…Money they will spend on your product. I hope you read and think about this post.

Please fix this amazing game, it’s not too late and it is possible. We really appreciate all of work and effort that’s been put in, and we just want a working fun game.

To Ludia management
If you thought more about how to make your players happy we would all be a little richer. A game that activitly is making its players happy will always be bringing in more happy plaryers, and more happy players is more paying customers.At the state were in now, your game isn’t even a game most people would invest in, because the thing they do invest in might be entirely different next update, and I’m not sure at this point it’ll stick around. This is urgent attempt to bring some problems with their fixes to your attention because we love this game, hear me out.
Thanks for managing a Jurassic World Alive!

We love this game (parts of it, at least), and we want to keep playing. We would love to support you, but sometimes you make it hard to even want to do some of these things. Thank you all for any work you have done and will do, thanks for bringing us this game, bringing us together, thank you Ludia!

Now Readers of JWA forum do you agree? If these things happen would you be happier, more positive, and willing to spend? Can you try for a while to be more positive and constructive?
If I missed anything important (I probably did) I’ll happily update this post.


The lack of communication is a big one. Vague posts leading us to believe one thing, but another thing happens that is different upsets a lot of players. A bit more communication will do a lot to ease the players.


Yes I sort of forgot to mention that. I clearified my post.


When I played Durango: Wild Lands, I was impressed by the seemingly constant notes, from the developers, sent to the players’ ingame mailbox. (They were quite frequent.) I took it as a breath of fresh air that they cared.

In my experience, Ludia does care! They care about their employees, they care about life outside of work, and they care about us. Not just for money.

I don’t think this app would have been as enjoyable if another company handled it.

I love this app! I appreciate this community and the fact that we have a place to be together.

I agree, they should talk to us more… but I’ve notice that when they do reach out, we bombard them :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yes Durango was an amazing game! They where up to date with their communication! I am so very sad they are stopping such a good game! :sob:


Yes we bombared them with questions OR what the dumb idea they brought. But You see Ludia don’t really communicate OR accept their faults most of the time.

BTW have you ever played games from SpaceApe (like Transformers Eart Wars) OR from Kabam (like Transformer Forged to fight and Marvel CoC)? They do mess-up big times and many times but they keep communicating and compensating with great rewards.


Hey Procerathomonomimus, I’ll pass this back to our team.

Thank you.


Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it, a ton! :blue_heart:


I haven’t played any from them, but I’m inclined to do so now that you mentioned it!

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Yes, thank you, @Ned! And, please, let them know we hope they have a good day at work today! :heart:


You can try but they are sort of different style games then JWA :slight_smile:

And as I mentioned they really mess-up big time, like last night they had an extra day (by-mistake) for alliance missions which they straight away communicated and cleared the status and what happen next.

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As long as they aren’t like FF and Guns of Glory, etc… :rofl:

Thanks, LadyHadden!


Well written @Procerathomonomimus.

If they communicate tbe way they did with Boost 2.0 more than half the complain posts will not happen. We will know what’s going to happen. A sudden change is always not good. There should be some time to prepare. No matter what’s going change, abilities of certain Dinos or change in overall gameplay, we should get a prior notice. So we can be prepared. Lack of that communication is the main reason for the negativity in this Forum.

One more thing I like to add is, the acknowledgement of some bugs or a glitch is done by Forum moderators, that should change. They come here and tell players that they forwarded it to the developers. I don’t have any disrespect to any moderators here but I need to know, if the news about the problem has reached the developers or not. For that they (Developers) need to comment directly.


Ohh then, Traformers: FTF is completely different and same for MCoC :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Yes some confirmation from the Devs that they know, and are working, or thinking about fixing bugs and such would be nice!


To me, the game is good. Take out arena and it is actually fun. The problem is the illogical manner in which changes are made.

Alliance missions were functional and the rewards were clear cut. We know coding is hard so no expects a contribution based reward system.or a full array of alliance administering tools. That being said not many would want lower level members of their alliance to be given less rewards. My better members are not all lvl 20s. Some are lvl 10 or lower. They do their part, they have fun and they bring something to the alliance.


A user (@claude)on a different post brought up a great point. We usually blame the the Developers because they make the more obvious mistakes. But it’s the management that makes all of the good, and bad decisions, and should be held accountable for more than they are. So I’ve added a note for the management as well.


I have no words.
I’m waiting for a response from Ludia management, devs…someone other than the mods.
My expectations aren’t high, I don’t see it happening though.


Totally agree about the communication, as a lot of the repeated threads of the same thing are due to playing not getting a solid answer. I mean if you were to have a conversation with someone and they ask you a question, and don’t answer, they are going to ask again!

Also the feeling of being ignored gave me personally a vibe that the company wasn’t “invested” in the game, kind of like a long term couple who always fights, and then one day one of them just stops bothering and goes silent…this is because they don’t care anymore.
This is the exact vibe I got from Ludia before I walked away (from the game not so much the community, I love the members =D).

Like a few months ago I was going to be making up some fliers advertising JWA around my local area to try and get more players into the game, but given all the issues and (imo) rage inducing fights) I couldn’t bring myself to do it, if I, a player from basically the start couldn’t stand the situation anymore, I cant imagine a new player sticking around.

Edit: Also yes, the devs may write the code for the game, but the higher ups tell them what to focus dev time on, this is why bugs that affect their money are fixed instantly while alliance chat is wrecked a year later!