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Dear Ludia Developers & Management

Oh I know you were just kidding lol, I just tend to let my thoughts run while and end up writing novel length posts haha!

Edit: Might be an Autism thing?

No problem :grin:

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There is nothing you can learn to do better with a spyx against rat users, don’t worry lol especially under leveled because of rat. A lot of people just use it to bait a rat out, alas to see if they have one or not, that’s one of its main uses lol.

It’s a great dino though other than being rat bait. Mine is lvl 26 and still gets ratted and can’t 1 shot rat if it has more than 3k health. I’m still unboosted…

Don’t want to battle erlikospyx? Just rat it. Another thing people use it as a rat killer but you need a decent high level erlikospyx with boosts to do it most the time. What do I know though lol. Other than going against being ratted, Erlikospyx is not tricky to use. It does what it does… Pretty simple and a killer but rat bait until you get an uber high lvl one

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I might start with mine, then swap to Monostego. Whoops, my opponent just gave up their hand without me taking any damage. Mind games, eh?

Here ->[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boosts Issue Update (05/30)

Thats from 5/30… before the first rollback not what he was looking for…

@Schtemty i think this may be what you were asking for.

It’s just ridiculous how OP some dinos are. Rat, Procera and Phoru are great example of Ludia’s inability to balance creatures. Those dinos should have much lower health/damage than any fast unique dinos. All that swap in strike/rampage nonsense must go. They should be ashamed of creating so much mess their OWN game. Don’t get me started on boosts. It’s a disaster!

One thing I don’t get… When people complained about OP Monomimus they nerfed it several times but they don’t want to fix the rat, procera and phoru for some reason.


Agree that rat need some rework, @Stiffeno. Though as I already said, don’t expect that they will make direct counters like your suggested immune to swap in attacks. There is also a question if those creatures would be immune to stuns, distractions too, as those swap ins don’t do damage. If they can be stunned, then swap in Phorusaura and Instant Rampage to kill your rat counter then Rampage and Run to rat.

Rat has some good counters now and boosts 2.0 nerfed rat indirectly. Find very few rats that can do over 3k swap in damage and are mostly oneshotable with unboosted Erli. Also some creatures like Grypolyth can pin rat.

Still wouldn’t hurt to remove regeneration from DC. Not sure where it get it. Trike g2 gained Dig in after DC got Regeneration. If stays cleanse move on DC then could be changed to Adrenaline pulse that heals only 25% of health.

There are other OP creatures now. Like Indo g2. Only reason that players cry for its nerf like for DC is, cause very few Indo g2 are seen in higher arenas (Blue is limiting its lvl up).

Also there are some totaly illogical things, like Maxima can two shot same lvl Tenonto without crit. So tank can take out chomper like chompers should take out tanks. Tenonto don’t have armor and has less health than Tryko with 30% armor.

@Qiew They ruined Monostego. Not cause of swap in garbage move, but cause they took out Nullifying ability from it. Monostego as it was before first move rework with two Nullifying moves would be great counter to Indo g2. Though I was ok with changing Nullifying strike for Distraction. Damage nerf was just too much, as Monostego now hits like wet noodle. I always smile when I see Monostego flying in, as its another free kill.

So lets go back to topic of this thread. Another silence from Ludia probably means they have some big changes coming in 1.11. Most likely there is another boost reset or some new feature.


I sure hope they have some good balancing in 1.11. I love new features as long as they’re interesting and who doesn’t like new dinos and hybrids? But I think we can agree 1.11 needs to be more then just, here have something new to distract you from the mess that is the arena!


I’m at 5k, Aviary/Library.

I don’t have DC on my team, but used him quite a bit in the past. He’s a sacrificial goat, easily killed by Thor, Tryo or Tryko (even erlidom) at this level, even the boosted ones. They rarely get away, and usually set up the next opponent creature for a sure one shot death (except Tryko, he doesn’t have that ability).

Frankly, I fail to see how it’s a problem unless you are using glass cannons to make the bulk of your team. Identify your weakness, assess your options, develop a plan and utilize that plan with the mindset of being able to adapt.

Few even know how to use DC most effectively. They bring him in to finish something nearly gone, and always too early. I’ve been spammed by DC maybe 3 times total, where I couldn’t kill it. His best use is as closer, I haven’t seen that in months. That’s how I liked to use him, last dino that gets awarded the W.

Eviction - thank you for the link :+1:

Yes @Sixty-Four

Oh just stop lol tired of the rat excuses lol. I’m higher in trophies than that and I’m unboosted. I have some “glass canons” the only reason they are considered that is because of the rat. Other than that they have kits to overcome in most cases. When is Erlikospyx a glass cannon? Distract 75% bleed and precise. It’s not that glassy there and in many cases it isn’t. The term glass cannon comes from being ratted.

Also, I never want to change my team just to form around being ratted you’re making my point some in a way. I know, yes I refuse to base my play time around 1 dino so I use who I want. I’de say 3 of my dinos are “rat cannons” the other 5 aren’t at least not before making 1-2 hits on them first but then there rat cannons too after that. But I chose my dinos because I like them. Not because I want to formulate myself around being ratted.

I’m also unboosted don’t care for ranking. Simply want to have good old fun matches. Being ratted is not considered fun imo. It’s boring, stale, old, kills variety, and repetitive. So I’m not looking at this like “oh no I can’t kill a dumb rat”. I’m looking at it as do I want to use my free time playing this game where you can basically estimate what will happen in every arena battle. Even if I win that tactic is simply stale.

I hunt a lot that’s what I think is STILL fun. You know like when you find a carbonemys my inner self is joyed. I battle occasionally now. I don’t need my daily incubator everyday either. Already passed that xD


Dear Ludia!

How should we react to this?

Why should we go out and hunt dna in your game, just to we slayed by those?

Don’t you see?

People have QUIT the game during the last 1 year, and found it frustrating to go out and play the game BECAUSE of this!?

4000 swap in damage! :bangbang::bangbang::angry::angry:

And Please.

Have a look at my Dilorano.

Do you see the health on it?



How much boosts do you think I will need to put on it to make it work?

How much health boost do you think I will need?

Do you think I will become satisfied after spending around 10.000-20.000 green cash on boosting this specific dino?

And why should I consider to boost my uniqe dinosaur when I even can’t kill the Dracocera? (because my dilo don’t have any attacks of 4000+ damage.)

Why should I spend money to buy your coins if the creature can’t be relevant in the arena?

I’m looking forward to your replay.


I boosted all dinos to health tier 3, that keeps them from being one-shotted in general. Some exceptions, but when people have 2kdmg rats I just pity them. Sad people.
Same with 147 speed Thor or 2900dmg Thor. Seen it all. If they wanna play like that, sure, be my guest. I’m not gonna be a fun opponent.


Ludia cares about it’s players??? I care more about the player than they do. I refuse to go around Ratting people. The Rat they designed and refuse to redesign. They took a big risk in reworking boosts which confused, upset and lost lots of players (but does offer a more balanced area in the end). Yet they will not redo the kit of one single dino that almost everyone hates? Just redesign it completely into some other role and you will remove 90% of the complaining on here.



They’ll start complaining about the next thing.

Raptors are too fast and powerful.

Tanks can’t be destroyed.

Stun lock.

etc., etc.

In my former one, pretty much everyone seemed to have given up, so I left. Looking back at what’s happening in the former one this week, everyone’s at 0 there. I used to carry all 21 people there lately.


I think majority of players will be VERY satisfied when they change its move set. I seem to remember all those surveys about the rat on the forum where 80% people voted to nerf it. It’s so easy task for Ludia. All they need to do is to remove swap in rampage and replace it with swap in stun. Its cleansing move should be replaced with something else because it removes the lock from swapping in right away.


I remember when a few asked Ludia to change to a more team level based matchmaking, rather than trophy based, to stop the HORRIBLE thing called arena dropping, which was KILLING the game.

They fixed that. It actually caused more complaints.

If I recall, people complained about Dracorex G2 being too powerful for a common, those complaints spawned the birth of DC.

My advice: Be extremely careful what you ask the developers/Ludia to do.