Dear Ludia Developers & Management

I remember when you were going to do those fliers.
I’ve been on these forums since June 2018, and people like you and a few others are what makes this player community so enjoyable.
I recall the puppet shows you did when you stopped playing too. They were great.

And I totally understand where you are coming from when you say you couldn’t recommend the game to new players.

I feel like something of a fool now after starting a thread earlier asking posters to read Jessica’s open letter to us and to Ludia.

I said I was willing to stop being so negative, and that if we all tried a bit harder to think before we post we may get solutions and answers.

I now think I was a tad ambitious in my hope for this to happen.


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I still make that puppet show =D 40 episodes or so now and counting lol

Actually im filming one now about the recent alliance rewards event lol


Actually I use the puppet shows now as both a way to make players laugh and also get a message across to the company about the way a player/former player see’s the changes and situation.


Yes it would be great

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I believe Ludia has given consulting with player feedback because most of the feedback is complete toxicity.

They might top.players but that doesnt explain the recent alliance reward nerf for.lower level.players. Unless the top players are actually elitists and want to kick the ladder that helped them up off so others cannot catch up.

When Ludia communicates with the player base is after a giant unnecessary mess up. Why they did the mess up is beyond me.

I just want Ludia to make the game less buggy and make the alliance aspect.of the game more diverse. Leaders need to be able to remove deadwood to bring in fresh blood. The alliance missions should be less grindy and more varied. Like more challenging in terms of the task but the task isnt the same every week. The rewards should be contribution based or a flat award. Level based is lame.


They would have had to communicate with us initially, to have “given up”.

It’s toxic because of the lack of communication, not the other way around.

One need look no further than ANY of their other forums to see the same atmosphere of no communication.

They never had communication with us, direct or indirect. Communication is two way.

That’s the basis of the whole fiasco.


The real problem is that their have been a discrimination between the players.

The base of all players from the first day until now is really divided.

To just put it simple.

Those players who where at level 10 and never got any boosts was keep playing the game. Then the reset camed with boost 2.0 and those players never had any boosts from the beginning.

Same players will going in to the arena to meet players who have a lot of boosts, and they earned them for free or could buy them in the old system.

The change from 1.0 to 2.0 have taken away a lot of dedication from middle players, who have worked hard to find their dinos. And many chosed to boost odd dinos who could be great with boost in 1.0

The only ones who are happy with the boost 2.0 is the ones who could buy ENORMOUS amount from the BEGINNING of introduction of boosts in 1.0

The situation right now is really problematic.

  1. New players won’t have any chance to climb to the top.
  2. Older players have a limit of boosts, they can’t introduce new dinos in their team because OTHER players have boosted some of their dinos WAY to high.
  3. The balance in the arena is broken. Old system 1.0 had a chance to let players ger 6/6/6 with ease and also letting players level up NEW dinos too this level.

I wrote this topic in the spring. It says something about where we have camed today.

The refund everyone got for their boost was given in green cash. But only to players who had got the boosts.

This action and situation divided the community and I guess and think many middle players gaved up the game at that point.


I have tried and tried to keep playing jwa since the last update. But the more I play the more frustrated I get. Most battles are with bots or AI which is more powerful than what the players has in their line up. The fair play option is almost nonexistent. Since the last update. I lose 3 to 4 battles before I can win 1. This is a Daly occurrence . The bots and AI also use Dino’s that are not in most peoples line up. This is not how you keep players playing. I have noticed a huge drop in players in my alliance. I hope one day you can reorganize you company to take care of your biggest assets “ your customers”. Thank you and have fun



I just booted a quarter of my alliance for inactivity, and the only prospects that show in requests (without advertising) are level 1 newbs.


My point was the system picks what alliances are offered to players seeking alliances. They often make requests to the alliances offered. It is a fair representation of players seeking alliances.
Meaning: The game player base is devolving to low level players.

Your response, I’m not sure what your point was.

You don’t accept requests, fair enough. You don’t have to.

You believe most players are probably worse leeches than Ludia… this sums up how you feel about your fellow players, as also evidenced in your posts.

You got a solid team and don’t want yahoos messing up your alliance. Good news, none of us want that in our alliances. That’s obvious and maybe didn’t need emphasis.

I’m not even sure what the rest meant, but it doesn’t appear to be relevant to anything I stated.


I’m not sure what this has to do with Dragonhunters comment or my topic. This also seems slightly mean. keep comments relevant to the discussion :slight_smile:

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It would be very helpful if Ludia would tell us what they are currently working on.
There are a lot of issues, e.g the chat, park scents, alliance tools, etc.
Maybe they’ll let us help with the prioritization of the issues.
So, if the community itself creates a list of known issues or missing features, the community could discuss the priority of each issue/feature (maybe by a poll) and provide this list to Ludia.

For sure they know most of the issues and how many man days they need to fix each of them.
And as they know when the next release is due they might tell us which fixes are planned for 1.11, 1.12, etc.
And maybe Ludia can share their ideas for new features too.
Or make surveys, e.g. ask if players want a certain feature in the next release or if they would prefer certain bug fixes instead. They can’t fix every bug in one release, but more communication would be a win-win for both.


@Ned, et al.
Please provide them a bigger picture of the communities concerns or ideas.
I’ m in customer support too and it helps a lot to have a direct line to lead developers or product owners. Sometimes they see things only from the coding perspective, but from the discussions and feedback in this forum you could provide them some more views on certain customer issues/problems.

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This game have been for download 1 1/2 year!

This is not a small company. This is a huge company with stocks on the market.

THEY KNOW what they doing!
And THEY KNOW what we think.

And that perspective is crashing the game slow and steady.


Its time for the game to use Regeneration and the game will “regenerate” itself. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Im sorry. Never doing this again.


If there’s something is wrong with real money purchases, they’re right on it. Says it all unfortunately.

Ways to fix arena (I wont bother mentioning fixing the rat infestation because that goes without saying).

  1. Seperate arena that’s boost free
    I dont see this effecting things too bad because players who HATE boosted arena tend to avoid it like the plague anyway.
    Also this is a game remember, it’s supposed to cater to all players (within the scope of the game of course) so I see no harm.

There is an incentive to Lydia here also, players who have stopped battling may play in unboosted arena, and this means buying coins to level their team again…see that’s money right there you they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

  1. Give some of the less tanky dinosaurs something like this - “Avoidance - Will dodge swap in attacks”
    Wont dodge nulls, distractions…just direct damage things.
    This will lessen the rage induction effect of a certain sewer dwelling rodent and at the same time make some more dinosaurs useful as they wont instantly die.

Just dont give it to ProceRAT it doesn’t need it.


Oh and on behalf of Monomimus please no more nerfs, its gotten the point of being a meme now.

Heck some players even refer to nerfing as “Monomimusing”, thats not a good sign for her lol


I agree! Yes please!!

Monomimusing! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. That’s funny and sad all at the same time lol.

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