Dear Ludia Developers & Management

One thing to keep in mind is ludia itself isnt a huge company 300 off employees… they do have a parent company who is rather large.

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Doesnt matter…I was considered rude and inappropriate. So another reason not to bother communicating with Ludia or other players.

A move solely avoid another move because you hate the 2nd move would be like putting a move called Doubt which stops Definite moves from hitting.

Swap in Moves are a genre of moves like the Definite class of moves or the Rending class.

As for the unboosted arena, its a good idea for those who do not like boosts but it just makes arena boring for those who stay and those are the paying customers. The whole 2 min in Shores fiasco was in part to give the top PVP players more fodder to beat and reduce the speed they gather boosts.

I dun care if there are 2 arenas but knowing Ludia, the unboosted arena will have the occassional boosted invader due to bad coding.

True mate.

In the beginning of summer 2018 I REALLY thought Ludia was going to become the next PoGo. I was hoppning they studied and analyzing every move from that game. Even if they are a few employees.

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I dun remember what I wrote because it seems something i wrote was rude and Ludia decided its bad for adults to see it.

I dun think that most of playerbase are leeches. Just a number of them. Blind requests then to come with baggage unless they came from a freshly disbanded good alliance.

I still see decent requests but been burnt too many times with a high level player who doesnt do their part or keeps disrupting the game plan.

1 reason i dun see Ludia communicating is they are quite easily triggered. I already avoid using any words that could be seen as vulgar and it still gets flagged. So who cares about discussing anything. I get censored anyway.

PoGo got lame after JWA came out. It got lucky in that it was the AR game in 2016. Now there are many. Ludia couldnt survive on the Niantic model because its too low revenue. After a while, players get bored of lack of progress and leave.

I quit PoGo once JWA got exciting because the meta of PoGo was purely focused on 2 to 3 Pokemon and then hoping to bump into the right Pokemon along the way to harass gyms.

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It’s a balance between finding wild dna and the time we spend to find it.

To play a game who is connected to the real world demands a lot of dedication from the players.

We need to go out from our home, spend time on the streeet or the bus to play the game. Instead of just sittning in the sofa or behind our computer.

The value of going out from our home must be valuated.

The progression + time spending + passionated work for finding dna = MUST be appriciated to not lose any players in the community. That’s why I’m against DC and those boosts. Players progression and hunting must come in the first room. The satisfaction of leveling up and finding correct dna is more valuble then being slayed from a swap-in-Rampage.

In other words.

Give players their value back in the arena.

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Why communicate with the player base knowing the playerbase only will complain and whine. When they communicated Boosts 2.0, no one cared to give constructive feedback until it landed then the fear-mongering started.

If they told us what they were doing, the vocal minority would be negative and the majority wouldnt care. Then when changes come, all the crying and anger will be unleashed. So why bring unhappiness to yourself?

They asked us all for constructive ideas pre the launch of the new boosts.
They said we should ask questions and they would choose the most asked ones and publish the results.
I didn’t see the questions or the results .
If anyone did could they point me in the right direction?

1 reason I stopped Pokemon Go, once you have 10 Machamps and 4 Blisseys, you are.done. Once my friends who played all went their own ways due to the negativity of the gym system, I lost interest in the game.

DC to me is fine. I worked for it so I deserve to use it. Boosts now are impossible to retract without Ludia just closing the game.

I dun even see what they changed. Its prety much what I expected from Boosts 2.0. I predicted it would be 100 per tier.

Seems no one cared enough to give feedback so we got what we did.

its called a “Counter”, dinosaurs and attacks in general need some sort of way to counter it. And how does one counter a swap in rampage they don’t know is even coming?

If some dinosaurs had “Avoidence” as I put it (only a few) it would allow players to add counters to their team, without the need to nerf dinosaurs.

Sick of getting ratted? but you’re against nerfing dinosaurs? just add a few dinosaurs with “Avoidance”.

What they did was pull a master stroke of marketing brilliance, and like you I predicted the 100 per tier.

How the silent majority, (and indeed the vocal minority) are happy with how the new boost system was rolled out, and what we have ended up with is beyond me.

But that’s done now and there’s no point being upset about it now.

We will never get a non boost arena, and I agree that boosts will never be dropped by Ludia.

Those who are happy to spend money on boosts will do so, and the top arenas will eventually be arenas for those people only. The people with the most boosts will be at the top, unless they are truly rubbish players. That much makes sense to me.

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The posts about DracoRat are actually more annoying than the move itself.

We need counters for Definite and Rend too. Like Doubt and UnRend. Why not put unshatter too? Nothing you can do to counter Definite or Rend either. The damage is coming regardless. Short of swapping. But that is not predictable thus not counterable and bad…

I think the problem with Boosts 2.0 is it is not limited amount of boosts given free.

Unless it’s immune to distraction, like the indos and maxima, you can reduce the damage taken to zero from rend and definite attacks. I honestly don’t think we need counters for the specific move, but rather the dinos that take advantage of not being effected by that move’s weakness.
DC’s rampage only has a weakness when you know it’s coming. Before that, it is inevitable damage like definite rampage from an immune to distraction creature.

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How many forum posts about rat have caused players to quit playing? more than their rage inducing fights? Yeah thats what I thought.

And tell me, how many Rending attacks do you not see coming? With rending you see it coming, you can distract, dodge, something…so I ask again, how do you stop the DracoBomb you don’t know is coming?

At least with an avoidance passive you can place some dinosaurs on your team with it so the team isn’t ratted over and over, they have some protection.

Anyway while there is a way for someone to to swap in with no warning doing massive damage they cant stop because they don’t know is coming, there will NEVER be a balanced arena.

I’ve played pogo from the beginning, it’s not boring at all. It’s a truly amazing game now, being able to track down team Rocket is a blast! ( See what I did there?)

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While it’s not as purely focused since we have a little variety with erlis orion maxima. We have a decent variety. But It isn’t that far off. Rat and Procerat. Except you don’t have to hope to bump into rat dna its spammed guaranteed to find a bunch daily. Procerat is easy as heck and was also spoonfed to us like bebe’s. And these two dinos are featured in the arena everyday just about. With big boosts to harass

Oh one more thing, all those annoying posts about rat you mentioned? your know WHY there are so many posts? yeah because many players despise it and it wrecks their fun…get rid of…or at the very least give a counter to Rat, and it becomes less of a menace in fights.
Less annoying fights, means less complaining about said annoying fights.

Kills 2 birds with one stone!

I honestly think that giving a way to avoid to swap in to a limited number of dinosaurs is a nice middle ground between nerfing rat and not nerfing rat.