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Dear Ludia goodbye


Hello there Ludia I am writing this because I hope someone at your company will read it. I am done with Jurassic World Alive the game has a lot of problems and instead of fixing them you just give us new dinosaurs and features. Why don’t you fix the problems with the game like the coins get rid of them they are a stupid idea. Here is a fix for the coins if someone collects enough DNA to levels up then they can if you are afraid of people having high level Dinosaurs in the lower arenas well you all ready have that. When it come to hyper breeds if it needs 200 DNA to make it then you just spit that in half. Wow that is hard. The other big problem is the battle mechanics they are broken and the fix for that is the first person to pick their move goes first. Wow that is hard not. The other big problem is the game should be a true free to play game you make 25 million dollars a month one free to play game will not bankrupt you. You had a choice to make and put out a great game and you drop it. You really need to listen to the players fix the problems and make the game better for those players that are going to stick around but I am out of here and have deleted the game off my phone and my friends and family are doing the same. You messed up big time with the game.


I wonder if the business you work for gives away its products for free.


Glad Im not the only person who sees it that way. So maby people with their hand out snarling cause you only give them a dollar.

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write one to niantic too. stardust is not necessary!!


and pokeballs, just remove those too @Pateradactyl


Love the long public message to say ur quitting lol. Hope everything uninstalled succuesfully


K well bye

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Can we ban whatever person liked it too?

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So you think that, if they get a decent revenue (because 25m/month for a game company is not so high as you think), the game should be completely free? LOL

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nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye

From what I have seen, Ludia tries… at least a little bit…