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Dear Ludia, I did exactly as you told us... but for what exactly?

In the release notes for 2.0 you stated specifically that it would be wise to hold off applying bootst until we figured out the new mechanics a bit.
I did

I waited and learned then applied some boosts (not too many yet). I was glad I did because only a few weeks after 2.0 first adjustments were made already and some creatures that were very strong lost their shielding mechanics to the adjustments and became less useful. I took my loss and the 50% refund … no problem maybe I did act too soon. My bad. So I decided before re-applying them, I’d sit it out a little longer and figure out which creatures would be most helpful in raids. Especially the Mortem Rex Raid.

PvP has been a mess for so long I don’t even care in which arena I’m battling anymore so I wanted to focus on the raids. I really enjoy them.

So every week I learned more and every week I adjusted accordingly, boosting only those useful in several raiding scenarios, making my boosted team applicable in just about any raid and any scenario.

Now I’m at the point where my team is useless in PvP but I manage to win every raid, including MR we worked so hard in our alliance to build a team for. And here comes Ludia… so shortly after the major update, and it’s nerf round straight after… the next nerf round comes along.

I did exactly as you told us, and now you swap everything around again?? What’s the point of building a team if it only lasts for a month or two tops?? You really think this will make me take another 50% refund and just buy the rest of the boosts back? You think I’ll panic and start using real money to buy boosts or the coins you’ve been starving us from since the last update as well? I won’t. I’ll just get to the point where I’m so tired and frustrated of you playing “all mighty” over my team that I’ll throw in the towel and leave it at that.

Practice what you preach and stop nerfing right after an update or rushing from update to patch to update without taking some time to see how things play out. Life finds a way remember…