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Dear Ludia, I sincerely hope you address the matchmaking in this update

Please, for the love of the game fix matchmaking.
It’s so predictable.

Matched against ridiculously lower team X1
Matched against almost equal but opponent has pretty much no chance X1
Matched against team average 4 levels higher and super boosted X2
Matched against team average 2 levels higher and zero chance of winning X2

Rinse, repeat.

YMMV, but it’s pretty close to this.


When I started playing this game at launch I loved it because it beat PoGo hands down. Why? Because pvp was amazing!

I know we had the boring meta with Stego and Trago ruling, we also had the raptor meta but generally the battling was strategic and fun. There were no impossible match ups, but plenty that had you thinking hard about how to counter this that or the other.

Now we have a bizarre matchmaking system that seems to get the player believe the only way forward is to boost. It gives you a sense that your team is ok then bang… loss after loss, and to say it’s frustrating is an understatement.

So yeah, I feel your pain. I have no idea how they can fix this without using an algorithm that takes boosts into account far more than the current one does.


I think if the games takes into account the max number of boosts/ leveled creature, it would allow you to play teams with similar boosts number and levels, kinda like jw tg matchmaking


No progression, league style matchmaking?

I rather they not bother to fiddle with the matchmaker unless its gonna work properly or at least predictably.

The problem with including boosts and other stats in is: it creates a different kind of unfair matches. I dun get why but it seems players without boosts or boosted lightly can get into the top 10 by beating other players withit boosts.

Imagine the Skill Tournament and Advantage Tournament leaderboards overlapping and the teams in both leaderboards never meeting each other.

Its fun when you get the fair matches, not so fun when its the same fella who has been beating you 10 times in a row with a team just 1 level higher than yours and nicking 40 trophies per time.

The hybrid matchmaker is in Aviary and it still works like trophy based matchmaking so that isnt going to work either.

That game is all PvE though so the AI can make up fake numbers to fit your numbers.
This is pure PvP and a fair matchup is literally impossible unless you’re putting two unboosted teams against each other.

No it’s not. I find people who boost like me 6/10 matches

If they want to do that kind of matchmaking, keep it to the arenas that currently use some form of power based matchmaking. Leave the top arenas as they are. Same with the tournaments. If you want to climb to the top, you’ll need to face the teams at the top.

I think a lot of people hope matchmaking will be fixed and some creatures will be balanced, so that a large portion of the game could be actually fun (again?). That being said, it would be sad to see yet another update with questionable or downright absurd “fixes”. If you played the tournament this weekend you’d see how fixed levels / no boosts is more fun, BUT everyone is playing with pretty much the same team over and over. So even with relatively fair matchmaking, the game is quite repetitive, since only a handful of dinos are actually viable.
I’m afraid expecting Ludia to fix matchmaking AND rebalance creatures sets the bar too high… :confused:

I am convinced they don’t know how to fix it. I honestly don’t have any good ideas either so I just gave up (of course, it’s not my job, it’s theirs, but still).

What I do hope is for more balance. We have some creatures that are absurdly stronger than others of the same rarity without being that harder to make and level up.