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Dear Ludia... issues

Dear Ludia,

I’m not sure whether you’re all enjoying the holidays and haven’t come back yet or just ignoring your entire player base but there are some serious issues with the game right now.

Issue 1.

  • Collecting requested DNA. Now I’m in an amazing alliance and they fill my DNA requests for pretty much any dinosaur but when it allows me to request (I’ll get onto that) and it says I have recieved all DNA allowed I go to collect and it only gives me 200 rather than the 500 or so it says i should be able to collect. Which is pretty bloody annoying.
    Issue 2- why can’t i request anymore. No one can request and all requests have been deleted. My request time has restarted 3 times from 21 hours and i haven’t been able to request in days.
    Issue 3- VIP I pay religiously for VIP because I am disabled so it means my range is a bit bigger so I can still get a decent amount or darts but when every update comes out theres less and less sanctuaries and supply drops near me. I live in a village near a pretty big town so I don’t exactly live in the middle of nowhere… theres been more supply drops on motorways than near me. Bit pointless playing when I can’t get anything.
    Issue 4- the new boosts are shocking and if I play one more team of 27+ dinosaurs against my level 20-24s I am gunna scream. I have no chance, the match up system is majorly broken. Still.
    And finally issue 5… why can’t we request epics, half the epics aren’t available in the wild yet you still give missions for epic dna. How are we supposed to fulfill these without being able to get them other than through sanctuaries where you only get about 4 DNA a go.

I love the idea of bringing new animals like Titanaboa and maybe bring in mosasaur and some point but don’t bring them in as a special and then not have them as wild spawns because then how on earth without paying ridiculous amounts are we supposed to get anywhere with them. I understand pay to win and having boost packages but the game still needs to be viable for those who want to play and not spend £50 on an incubator especially when we are already paying £9 for VIP and only getting 50 extra meters of range.

Seriously up the game, holidays are over.

Rant over.

And therein lies LootzTa’s strategy. Selling boosts and needed DNA. Oh, and welcome to the community Sian!

Hey Sian_Bentley, it is possible that the amount of DNA collected, is shown to be more than what was actually donated from your Alliance members. If you tap on the “i” icon after the request expires, you’ll be able to see how much DNA was donated to you.

Regarding the DNA donation issue, it has been fixed, and a gift should have been sent to your in-game mailbox. :slight_smile:

I check how much is donated and who donated and it always says the full amount which is often around 500DNA yet I only receive half that unless it glitches and I don’t get any. Really frustrating.

Thank you, I’ve been a player for almost 2 years and always been vip and at first it was great but if they keep pushing the boosts higher and higher, it’s going to be pointless me playing as I just can’t get out like most to hunt. That’s why I loved this so much more than pogo

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If this happens again, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a look for you? :smiley:

Please make sure to include the date and time of when you collected the DNA as well.

I understand @Sian_Bentley. It seems like boosts will be sold daily now (34 days straight so far). Looking for other ways to enjoy the game myself. I did drop for a while and played more interesting lower-level dinos. It was actually kind of fun and I may try that again. Can do themed teams as others have. You’ll play against a better variety too, not just the typical overboosted Thro and Erli teams.

I stopped worrying about trophy count and arenas as they are all the same anyway.

Hope you find a way to enjoy the game even with the bad matchups and overboosted monsters.

I have an alliance member with the same half donation issue. He emailed support about this at least a month ago. He said he got the generic auto response and never heard anything more from support. He still only gets half his donations every day.

I had an issue (I stopped playing last month) where everyone I donated to would show that I donated twice as much as I did. I checked this against my DNA amounts, and it was in fact showing double but only taking the right amount. I am wondering if this user is not actually getting the DNA it is showing as double, not that they are losing half. But, that could still cause the issue of the double amount preventing more people from being able to donate.