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Dear Ludia please consider making the premium dragon attainable. UPDATE: Ty Ludia for the extension ♥️

This is what it looks like when you don’t miss a single duty as a free user. Still 1,000 short. It was a terrible idea to make this thing cost 8000 in the first place.

I am disappointed.

Looks like I’m going to make it after all :heart:


I agree. I did nearly every one of the Daily/Weekly/Rider Duties, Gauntlets featuring Fireflies, etc. I even bought the 3-pack Offer, and the single Odin pack (why just one available at a time?) Still have 900 Fireflies to go, and no Firefly Offers coming through for several days now. I project, with all Duties completed over the next 6 days, I’ll still be about 300 short for Slimeball. Disappointing to say the least.