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Dear Ludia, Please Fix Raid Invites

It’s absolutely daft that the Raid invite system is so buggy. If you’re going to tailor the entire game to accommodate a new feature, please ensure that the new feature actually works first!

I literally accepted upward of 20 invites yesterday, none of which resulted in me getting into a lobby (it either tells me that the lobby is full or, worse again, logs me out of Google Play and/or restarts the game).

Some of us don’t have all day to tangle with this, so please make fixing it your #1 priority.


Yeah it’s so frustrating!

Also, they need to make it more readily available, 1/6 of the Raids have been close enough for me to host which is just so stupid as there’s still a global pandemic happening and people so be leaving their houses as infrequent as possible.

Raids are really fun and I’m not even bothered about the DNA at the end, I just really like the concept of Co-op play

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry that you’re still experiencing problems with Raid invitations. Be rest assured that the team is working to fix this issue as mentioned in this post. Your patience is appreciated.

Compensation for those unable to raid due to the invite system?