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Dear Ludia, please give us a MAP!

I love all the new islands, don’t get me wrong… but with all the sprawl, it is getting really hard to navigate to where I have dragons needing attention.

Please give us a MAP that will let us quickly jump to particular islands. This can/should just be a static (i.e. not 3D) graphic that can be brought up full screen that shows all our islands. It does not need to show building placement or anything (although it would be cool if it did). Tapping on the map should close the map and navigate to that point in the world.

For bonus points, it would be awesome if the map showed dragons which have completed training / Valka training, with an option to switch to dragons that have resources (wood/fish/iron) waiting to be collected. Right now, I often have to go searching for the former, and sometimes the latter. (The notifications only help a little bit… in particular because I only ever get one notification, which can be replaced a non-training notification, and I often have several dragons done with training at once. Also, we are now up to 29 dragons just collecting fish/wood. I have these somewhat concentrated, but I’ve also started trying to group dragons by species, and my iron collectors are scattered all over.)


They could also have notifications like with the Rider’s dragons. Or they could add some type of statue that gathers all nearby reources.

But yea, Berk is getting pretty big.

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I find my self running out of space in both the hangar and the map. Because there are 500+ dragon slots in the game we should have a bit bigger island. Maybe make an expansion to the edge or something.


when is it already added?