Dear ludia, please just please, too many land creatures

we need aquactics, now im not gonna tell ya what aquatics to add, but u really need to add aquatics. Just please add aquatics in 2.4. I know, probably ur not gonna read tis but im just wanted aqautics for a long time :frowning: Also aqautic apex boss. Now u probably not even gonna see this :crying_cat_face:


To see everyone we would like to see marine reptiles
but I doubt too much that they put an update with marine reptiles it is as if they had to make the game from the beginning
aquatic battle arenas, aquatic equipment, aquatic map, updates with aquatic and terrestrial
weekly events with aquatics etc

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Yes please! Aquatics! It would definitely be a lot of work to add all new marine enclousures/arenas/stuff. But let’s just start with an epic mosasaurus for now, and then keep going in future updates.

make that 3.0

So yea… i do not know if this is true, but, there is this one channel akamonte, that just idk, tells or give ideas for update 3.0. (lets be honest here, its probably not true) but he did say about marine reptiles update with a marine reptile boss!

nvm not true, sorry guys.

I’m pretty sure they’re well aware of the general desire for aquatics in the community. If it’s possible to add them, I’m sure they will, but probably not for a while. In the meantime, I’m happy with any new land creatures they add. There’s plenty that aren’t in the game yet.


If aquatics were to be added, it wouldn’t be in 2.4, unless they’ve planned to release aquatics in 2.4 for months now. New creatures require modelling, rigging, texturing, animating, playtesting, and more. That’s months of work for multiple new creatures.


i’d love aquatics in the game. they’re more cannon than cezonic creatures as far as i’m aware.
figure out how your gonna add them and get the models rigged up. fix major points of displeasure before releasing them so a good content update isn’t ruined by annoyance and frustrations.


I’d love if they add em, but I don’t think it’ll be as early as 2.4. Ludia would have to set up so much coding stuff as well as new arenas, animation rigs, a new map, etc etc. I feel like it will be a while but I think it may come eventually


u guys are right, proabaly marine reptiles in 3.4, meanwhile, maybe we can get a giant elephant apex boss!! :grinning:

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yea, ur right. But u never know

there are already plans for 2.4

Coming soon for all of you JWA- Marine edition. There is simply not a way to add aquatic creatures without it being completely ridiculous, it will have to be it’s own game which of course means an additional revenue stream to lidia

I know this, which is why I said aquatics won’t be in 2.4 unless Ludia already planned on adding them for months.

One of the mods mentioned in a post that the devs work on the current update, the next update, and the one after that at the same time. So they began working on the 2.4 update just after 2.1 released.

If anyone really wants a creature in the game, they should suggest it to be added 3-4 patches from now, since the next 1-2 patches are already months into development.

which would be…2.9, close to 3.0
So i was very close!

That would actually be 2.7-2.8. Also no guarantee 3.0 comes after 2.9 since we had 1.10-1.14.

2.3 + 3 = 2.6
2.6 + 3 = 2.9

2.4 + 3 = 2.7
2.4 + 4 = 2.8

although i would love aquatics in the game, they prob adding in like 3.0 or 3.4