Dear ludia, please just please, too many land creatures

im always searching in gamepress and every other website and every day for a 2.4 patchnote. No luck yet :disappointed_relieved:

I’d love them also, but I think they should not add anything before they fix all the bugs.

As much as I would love to see them, it would be kind of awkward if they are just laying there or floating like in Pokémon Stadium.

Yeah, I don’t want that either. So if they did add them, they would need their own arena, which would take a lot of work.


I could maybe see aquatics in the game if Ludia edited pools of water into each existing arena so the aquatics could fight the existing creatures.

If aquatics needed an entire separate arena, then Ludia would have to add not just one aquatic arena but a bunch (so people with level 30s wouldn’t be fighting people with level 15s), plus a wide variety of aquatic creatures so everyone could have a team of eight. That is a lot of new assets, which would balloon the size of the game. Ludia has already been trying hard to keep game size down (by reducing the quality of textures and lighting), so I’d be surprised to see something like that happen.

just do what jurassic world the game did.
and just let the aquatics spawn in any body of water.

If u dont liver near water? No problem! Open a Marine Scent to make your whole inner circle water! All dinosaurs already on witll be standing on Islands. And then Ocean creatures will spawn. No Marine scents? Aquatic Sanctuarys for you! No Alliance? Aquatic Tournaments! Haven’t unlocked tournaments? New Aquatic campaign! Haven’t Unlocked Campaign? There will now be 4 dinosaurs as you start. The normal 3, and a Common Turtle-like creature…lets say…Henodus. Haven’t installed the game? Too bad.

what i wanted

but ludia probably not gonna add marines even though theres more than a million fotums about it and still they no add. Also, it would be cool if they add a marine apex bosswhich onky comes once a month.

also, u never know, they might haave been plans for aquatics in 2.4. They never scream into everyones faces and say oh, aquatic aquatic, the new apex boss will come.

now i know the name kinda ridiculus

I dont think they ll look more ridiculous than dinos put up shields or become invisible…but thats just my opinion

Theu might have to make a spereate map for aquatics. Like one thats underwater instead of on land. Which i would love

they could atleast add a mosasaurus

give the tyrranosaurus rex some water wings