Dear Ludia, please Meditate on it again

I just read the patch notes and it is inevitable for me to see how Indotaurus and Phorurex have a potential to dominate the arena, they have access to many abilities that they should not have, I do not see why phorurex has access to bleeding, or why it can raise their critical probability or because Indotaurus uses cloak all the time. This update has good things, but those 2 things have me very worried

With so many changes, please mean it, please do a Boost reset, please

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It can’t even be that the creatures are in the game and they already ask for nerf before you ask for a nerf. You will have to wait to see their statistics. The movement set is not everything … also indotaurus with camouflage all the time? easily with a resilient strike removes camouflage in the only thing that I agree with you is that we need a boost reset …

Indotaurus’s damage doesn’t matter, its counterattack and camouflage makes up for it very well, but yes, we have to wait.