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Dear Ludia please stop the incubator grinding frenzy

Now I get that

  • incubators are the cheapest and most rewarding way to grind boosts.
  • this means as many battles won as possible.
  • in the highest Arena players are slowed down grinding due to a longer time-out / AI time
  • they still want to grind their incs/boosts.

But seriously this has started a domino effect with them purposely dropping to escape the timer thing, kicking all in that lower Arena down, etc etc. And this is truly getting ludicrous proportions. There is NO other reason one of my members had to encounter this in such a low arena…

In addition many lvl 30 creatures have been sighted in Aviary and all the way down to Ruïns, able to match up with “regular” players because half of their team consist of lvl 20’s.

End of the day, these players all get their incs and much wanted boosts while all others trying to climb with a regular team are cheated out or have to battle hours to grind their incs. There’s nothing fair about that…


I’m confused with your first sentence, do you mean to say use incubators to grind for boosts? Because the way it is now doesn’t make sense to me.

Yup, changed title😉

Just making sure. I haven’t encountered this problem with arena droppers yet, but I’m sure it’ll continue to happen even more.

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The thing with arena dropping is that you will get as many easy wins as losses so it’s no big deal.

Last time Ludia tried to fix it we had the worst matchmaking ever!

So please be careful what you wish for.


@Schtemty I know you reminded me before. But instead of changing the matchups they should simply restrict the amount of arenas you can drop to 1.


Up to the library they kind of do by not letting you lose to real opponents more than twice in a row. And the ai is so bad in the lower areas it’s harder to lose than win!

If players are going to abuse the system by doing this, I’m not sure there is much Ludia can do. It just seems so petty on the part of the droppers who are ruining the experience for those they beat so easily on the way back up.

If droppers want the game to continue to be enjoyable, maybe they should behave in a more responsible way. We can’t blame Ludia for the selfish nature of some of the players can we?

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I’m not blaming them, I’m simply requesting if something can be done. I absolutely agree with you that this way of playing doesn’t show a lot of responsibility nor does it set a good example towards the lower levelled players behaviour wise…

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Thats the thing, the dropper dont want enjoyable matches, they want wins…and easy ones at that.


And it used to be only a handful. Now there’s a “perverse“ impuls that makes them drop by the dozens… it’s not which arena or what level, just incubators so they can grind as many boosts as possible😌 now again, I fully understand everyone needs and wants them at some point but Ludia shouldn’t have chased them out out their own arena even more by slowing the timer.

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What if like they make a certain amount of trophies you can drop so that way if the game sees that your not trying it won’t let you go down to super low arenas


I suppose it might help if players stopped trying to find loopholes each time something changes lol


IMO it’s utterly impossible with the current Boost system to have an incompatible Team facing opponents any more than 1 arena below where you are now. There’s always the transition period between the arena up and the one you’re in but by the time you got that far (that you’re actually about to, or already have entered the next arena) you’ve certainly outgrown the lower part of that arena let alone one even lower (or 2,3,4)

Preferably the arena prior. Not 3 arenas down. Either that or forfeiture of the reward from that prior arena. Kind of like Campaign

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I did wonder why I was seeing so many much bigger teams. Cant they just remove the longer AI time? Wasnt a problem a couple of weeks ago.

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Faced several droppers at low library with an all 4 level 30 team. Unfortunately, some users only care about abusing the system and boosts 2.0 have made it even worse. The only good thing is that some players are battling more to get incubators but arena is unbalanced again. Boosts need to be removed from incubators as soon as possible.


I really wondered yesterday why Im only facing Ardentismaxima, smilonemys and all those monsters.


Even AI uses them! I lost to the AI for the first time ever due to its Maxima and Smilonemys.

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I am guilty of arena dropping. My reasons though are mainly for alliance member recruiting. 90% of my 40 members, I battled them in lower arenas and then invited them to my alliance. I find the lower I get, the more the odds of finding a non-affiliated player. I may see one unaffiliated player in Aviary all month. So to build quicker, I had to drop.

But in doing this, I am seeing some other aspects of the game.

For doing it:

  1. Losing 20 in one streak then winning 20 in one streak is more enjoyable than the win 1 lose 1 method. Typically because win 1 lose 1 is a continuous match up against a player I cannot beat followed by a player that cannot beat me with a few sporadic well matched battles thrown in between. 20 battles in win 1 lose 2 may consist of 8 opponent cannot win battles, 8 opponent cannot lose battles, 2 thought provoking fun battles, 2 RNG ate my lunch battles.
  2. Losing 20 then winning 20 is faster than the win 1 lose 1 method. For alliance missions, lose 20 win 20 is MUCH faster.
  3. Win 1 lose 1 puts me at the mercy of the match making system matching me against op players just the same as losing 20 then winning 20 puts the losing players against me having to face an op player. Part of this is the matchmaking itself, the other part is bigger opponents dropping down to where my high point is.
  4. A lower ranked player gets to see bigger dinos that they will be facing soon.

Against doing it:

  1. Losing 20 means 18 are against AI if under Aviary, which means those trophies are not reallocated to a player, while win 1 lose 1 the trophies in losing go to a different player. If AI was not involved, then those 20 losses would help the players, but that is not the case. So lose 20 win 20 takes trophies away from lower ranked players, but does not give them a chance to get them back.
  2. A new player may get discouraged.
  3. If everyone did this, it would break the game.

I think, even though I do arena drop, some type of block should be implemented from users dropping to much. I think there is no valid reason a player would ever fall 2 arenas unless they are doing so on purpose. Maybe put a block on that a player can not go under -1000 trophies from their starting point that month.

Many games use a similar system, Duel Links comes to mind where you cannot fall below the current area (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Legend, KOG), but everyone falls down one area at the start of each month. I am not saying to remove people’s trophies, just don’t let them fall beyond -1000 trophies.


They need to address the ai as well… we are already trophy starved… having the ai removing trophies from the small player pool is not even remotely good for the game.

I also think some of these are not just arena dropping issues but match making issues as well.

Their is almost 1/3 less people battling this season vs last season. Tweaks have most certainly been made to match making to address this.