Dear Ludia...plz read it


yes I‘m disappointed…again. This time it‘s because of the epic strike tower with Owens raptor squad.

I‘ve lost the first battle due to two crits of raptors with a chance of 5% (45% if critical impact) and due to bad luck.
But I‘ve decided to battle a second time.

First battle: Blue vs Monostegotops. Surprisingly, Blue startet with normal attack. So I slowed her down, stunned and finished her. I felt great, I thought finally I would have luck and win.
Second Battle: Echo comes in. Kills Mono with Pounce, Stegodeus comes in and makes some damage and later Echo runs away.

Now Delta came in and I chose Stegodeus. I knew Echo would run away so I took thagomizer, slowed Delta down and finished her with armor piercing impact.
Echo‘s back with only 5% crit chance. She oneshotted my Stegodeus AGAIN and with a ridiciously misplaced crit.
I then took Indom, Echo attacked with normal attack and got a crit leaving Indom with poor health back. Fortunately, I could do 1,5x damage.

I thought she would use pounce again so I brought in Alanqa. My plan was to survive pounce then get a hit and slow her down to finally finish her with rampage.

But no…I swapped Alanqa in and Echo did normal attack. Then she went for the damn pounce and destroyed me…
I nearly smashed my phone on the ground.

Now I come to you…so often during epic strike events I gotta deal with unpredictable actions and so many crits even though the chances are so low. That‘s why I fail so much.
I feel like Ludia raised the crit chances for those events.

But the worst thing is you‘ve only got one freaking attempt and the costs to retry are so ridiculously high but I decided to pay the 200 bugs only to get smashed by a damn raptor with damn luck.

Why do we have so many attempts for easy strike towers but not for epics?
Or at least plz lower the prizes. I would try again but 500 $? What‘s wrong with you, seriously??

It‘s just so frustrating that you need such a high lvl team due to that very high luck level.
Maaaaaaan, that sucks. Plz, finally do something.

Btw, know what‘s the worst? I only wanted Blues DNA. She stands at 138/150 and is still unlocked since months.

After that double desaster last week I thought I would finally have luck, win the strike tower and unlock Blue. I thought, finally the 200$ would be worth it. I stood at 2:1 and were so happy only to be smashed by one raptor.
Yes I‘m sad. I‘m sad, disappointed and angry.


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You need to plan which dino to use beforehand unless you have a very strong team. The forum here & Metahub are 2 great places for advice. A team of tanks would have finished those 3 raptors off easily. You’re not gonna be faster than those 3 raptors so you need to 2 shot them each time, initially with a slowing move and then with your strongest attack.

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I already did and used two strategies and furthermore the opinions were different.
I used tanks and also heavy hitters.

Thats my team at the moment:

I also just unlocked lvl 16 Allosinosaurus

Also thinking of lvl 14 Brachiosaurus but she has a poor armor

Why you use indom rather than alanqa? Alanqa can survive 1 pounce and if you use ss you get priority.
I win ez with 17 stegocera, 19 stego, 16 alanqa and 19 velo. Stegod just watch in back.

Nope Alanqa died due to pounce. That‘s what ruined everything.

My bad sorry miss calling. I m used alanky

I think my team is still too weak.

This is how my match went down if you want to watch!

And yeah crits by the bots in strike towers do seem to be a heck of a lot higher than 5%!

That‘s exactly what I‘m thinking!
Pretty unfair, right?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ludia secretly set the crit/dodge chances of bots on strike towers with only one attempt higher just to force people to pay for a retry!

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U know the prob is that many of you have a high lvl team with many hybrids.
My team is more mediocre.

If you haven’t done enough research before fighting a battle you are unsure of, better adjust your mindset. Also, the bots adapt a different strategy in different retry.

Yeah thats true, but some of these events are generally for higher level teams! I failed a lot of them before my team got a bit better, I just had to make do with the lower difficulty ones and slowly level my team!

The problem is, most of the easier ones offer such low rewards as to be nearly useless!

O yeah I did. I even put out my calculator and I would‘ve won the second try if the last raptor would‘ve attacked with pounce so Alanqa could survive with no damage. Then she would get normal damage, slow raptor down and finish her with rampage.

I didn‘t calculate with the raptor using normal attack instead of max damage cause this never happened to me before!

I‘m sure Ludia did something there they won‘t tell us.

Perhaps its pounce was on cool down? and thus had to go for Strike? not sure.

No it wasn‘t. CD 1 Turn and that was it.

These things do happen sometimes. Best suggestion is try not to pay cash higher than 200 if you fail. The incubators’s DNA are not that great except if you are lucky enough to get velo, and the coin is just one day’s grind.

Yeah but this time there‘s Blue DNA and I only need 12 DNA to unlock her sincr months as I wrote in my first post. :wink:

Yeah…probably true. If you look at @Hersh video, his stego cleared them out. Same with moi. Got too clever starting with a lvl 25 spinotasuchus. Got whacked but I left a bled. 1-1. In came my Stegodeus and cleaned the raptors up.