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Dear Ludia, re: Boost Event advanced notice

Dear Management at Ludia and @Ned if we need a relay,

Would it be possible to let us know if there is a boost event coming? It is really unpleasant to finally cave and cash in boosts off of a now irrelevant Dino only to havfe a boost reset event two weeks later. There has been much talk of one lately from the community, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider giving the community as much notice as possible. If it is not going to happen for 6 months let us know and I can say you’d wind up with more predictable customer behavior, which in turn should give you more predictable customer spending and bottom line. You literally have nothing to lose. You just have to plan them out ahead. If something comes up and you decide to give us more than the promised one we would also greatly appreciate any advanced notice you can provide us

Thank you Ludia,


P.S. no down side, just a happier community and less we need a boost reset now thread (though currently you kind of owe us one bigtime to resemble anything fair.


Replying to my own post. @Ned would it be possible for you to find out for us if there will be a boost reset this next update and maybe let us know with the patch notes? People have been asking for one for a bit now and it would be nice to know what’s cpoming. Since there will be even more changes to creatures that are heavily used and it’s the third update in a row this is happening. When they changed Ardentis Maxima we got one immediately and honestly I think this is a fair move and something the community was grateful for. Now we are multiple patches in with changes far larger than the Max ones and we still haven’t been given a reset or shuffle event and we don’t have any insight if one is even in the cards. Thanks @ned for any help and information you can provide.

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That’s the thing though. They want you to cave and strip the boosts so you lose half. I can’t recall them ever posting of an upcoming boost reset. They made it very clear this last time they don’t really care what we want, only what their accounting dept wants.


100% @JustAnUnknown - I fear that we may have seen the last of boost resets with Ludia being sold to another company. This is when they usually get serious about making sure they see that investment come back. Boosts are one of the biggest profit areas for them in the game.

When have they been fair? Oh yeah, there was that one time they gave a huge reward to people who were locked out of JWA for a week because Ludia messed up their update. Oh wait, right… that didn’t actually happen.

As greedy as Ludia was, I think this could be worse. I mean, they started selling Apex DNA Incs. 'Nuff said.


A boost reset is overdue, we should have gotten one way before when the resillient change happened, but we didn’t. It been like what now and still no boost reset? If the Skoona and Mortem nerf is true in the datamines and we’re not getting a boost reset… boy, this is gonna be the last straw for a lot of players…


That’s exactly it. There is a line between maximizing profits at your customers expense and driving them off from greed. I went car shopping last night and Kia wanted a $20k premium on their cars (even the less expensive ones). Mercedes didn’t. They were selling at retail. Guess who I am calling back tomorrow?


It seems like many (me included) are starting to feel that this is the new strategy to maximize JWA profits.

Listen, they have made it very clear, over and over again, that management and devs don’t look at these forum posts. If you want to send a message cancel your VIP and give a bad review of the game. That’s the only thing that they might notice.

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Come on Ludia, give players a boost reset option.


  1. once every season
  2. one creature per season
  3. a 50% off boost sale per season
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Agreed. I’m getting a bit closer every day to just deleting JWA entirely. A boost reset would be a nice little good-faith measure for Ludia to throw at the vast majority of it’s players, but it’s clear that’s not their priority. They’re far more interested in milking their users and catering to those who have no problem spending whatever it takes to max the latest Unique to level 30 within a day or two of release. More than ever, this is a pay to win game. Oh well.

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A lot of people already have done that and they haven’t even noticed.


Hey there, Neffarious. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on this myself :sweat_smile: but I can definitely forward your feedback! However, if there is a Boost Reset event happening in the near future, we’ll usually make a post-announcement like the previous one.

Understood, but the natives are getting restless and leaving. This should help settle their anxiety that no one on high at Ludia cares about players. @ned we appreciate it.