Dear Ludia: Short-Range Spawns Are an Awful Idea

Dear Ludia,

I think it goes without saying that no thought was put into this idea of short-ranged spawns. Allow me to lay out the many reasons that this is one of your worst ideas to date:

  1. We are in the middle of a global pandemic that is only getting worse for a large amount of your player base. From lockdowns to curfews, the last thing people need to be encouraged to do is go out more. You’re saying to the player base “either go outside for long periods of time and risk your health/risk breaking your local laws or you don’t get to have the new creatures.”

  2. For the new legendary, you’re asking people not only to go out into a pandemic, but to do so AT NIGHT. News flash: night time is the most dangerous time for people to be out walking alone in cities or rural areas. I still can’t wrap my head around this.

  3. The majority of the player base resides in the northern hemisphere where winter is kicking into high gear. So not only are you asking people to go out into a pandemic, not only are you asking them to do so at dangerous times of the day, but you’re also asking them to risk frostbite and other cold-weather maladies that come from spending extensive time outside in the freezing cold. Also, to dart anything, you need to have bare hands.

There are many other reasons that short ranged spawns are so bad. Some people physically cannot walk long distances, and giga scents provided a way for them to enjoy JWA safely. Many people live in places that have lockdowns and curfew where they would be breaking the law to chase these short ranged spawns. I can go on and on.

If the point of these short ranged spawns was to get people walking around outside more (which right now is a terrible time to do that) then why not introduce more optional systems like those in Pokemon Go instead of giving a middle finger to anyone who wants to hunt these new creatures.

What I, and the majority of the player base, want is for these short range spawns to be removed from the game or to have scents have a chance of attracting these short range creatures.

I would appreciate any response from the devs on this matter, because I can’t see any justification for this purely player-hostile decision.


I would even be ok if they kept it where long range spawns had a smaller chance of spawning epics and rares than short range spawns, as long as no dinos could only be found in short range spawns. I’m ok with scents being not as effective as walking around, but for all the reasons @Shyvalry outlined, no creature should practically require you to walk around in order to find it.


3 simple things that prove short range spawns are an awful, terrible idea

1- COVID times. Nothing else to say.
2- Too dangerous going out with phone in hand, specially at night.
3- COVID times.

Please, Ludia, remove this now. At least wait Covid is gone and people stop dying from it. A decision like this is extremely unacceptable, irresponsible idea. Just no


@Ned Any chance we could hear from the devs regarding the player base’s concerns over these new mechanics? I know the devs don’t interact much with the community but some sort of statement addressing the concerns of short range spawns would be hugely appreciated.


They can keep the short range spawn frame work and even add new ones later down the line. but there should be a way to acquire these creatures when going out and walking isn’t accessible. if that is “Short range scents” or allowing short range creatures to be drawn in from a giga scent at a small percentage, i would be ok with it.


I would support this.

I’m curious about how thorough the distribution of short range spawn points is, because they seem to be at particular points on the map. If you happened to not live within 30m of one of these points, and it wasn’t possible for you to go outside and hunt… well you’d be pretty much out of luck.


Thank you, Shyvalry! I’ll definitely share this feedback with our team.


might i recommend a community wide poll on the issue. to see where the player base stands on the issue.


Not that I have any faith in Ludia listening to such a poll, I would like this too.

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I think its a good idea. I haven’t seen anyone yet argue against dismantling or at least modifying the short range spawn stuff. I know the forums are only a fraction of the community, but we are the most informed fraction. Most players might not even know about short range spawns at all without the patch notes. And even we didn’t fully understand it until the changes went into effect.

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I don’t see anyone talking about how this system literally incentivizes driving and darting. You can hunt many more of the new creatures if you hunt them from your car.

It’s currently a blizzard outside where I am, so that sounds like a great idea /s


I hope that’s sarcasm.

(Never mind)

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Sarcasm about me doing it, not sarcasm about it being an issue


You mean using phone while driving? I think I’m calling the cops lol


I used to dart on the bus. But let’s encourage people to use public transport during a pandemic, shall we?

Besides, being short range spawns, you’ll probably drive past them before you even have time to click.


Dear Ludia,
As much as I love the mechanics behind this and the reasoning behind this, I have to agree with this post.

COVID-19 needs to be addressed.

For example, California has 41 counties in something called purple tier due to COVID 19. More than 94% of Californias population of 39.5 million live in these areas. There is a curfew from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. Movement is supposed to be restricted. In the US normally, as a nation, where California leads, the nation will follow.
Other countries have various restrictions as well. Some of them are very strict, due to the listening to my fellow scientists.
As a scientist, I can tell you based on many of our internal discussions we do not think COVID-19 will go away by itself. It is aersolized on droplets from the infected via viral sheding, and spreads too easily as it can stay airborne longer than most viruses. There is too much deliberate misinformation out there to have a compliant population obeying restrictions and wearing masks to catch the droplets and/or take other precautions.
Some believe it will take 14 to 18 months to vaccinate the current strains of COVID to achieve an acceptable world wide herd immunity and that is based on assumptions of compliancy among world governments and the people. We also don’t know, if there will be strains that will need other vaccine formulations due to mutation. So we could be looking at 2 more years.
Please don’t ask us to make these choices over the next 16 to 24 months.
Your customer base is full of people who will risk life and limb for some of these creatures due to our compulsive nature.


Came here to say exactly this. The pandemic is orders of magnitude worse now than it was when the first changes were put into place, this is madness.

Just make scents attract the short range creatures. You’re risking lives any other way.


For those worried about getting the new creatures, don’t be. They are incredibly common. Amphicyon is the most common short range spawn. Gorgonops is the 2nd most common. Megistotherium is slightly more common than Tupandacylus. Para Lux is twice as common as Rex.

This new spawn system is still an awful idea, or at least implemented awfully. Aside from pandemic concerns, the really bad part is that local spawns can no longer be short range spawns. Than means the only way to see a local spawn is when you can see it at a distance (long range spawns are far fewer than short range) or via scents.

UPDATE I have gotten a report of a local as a short range spawn, so it seems that it is possible. Knowing that, I calculate the odds at less than 10%.


I agree! The idea isn’t bad, but right now it’s not good at all. Withdraw it and release it at a later time!

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