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Dear Ludia - Stop Nerfing

Stop. Just stop. Stop gutting creatures that ppl spent months working on.

I know you’re caught in a vicious circle of droping and update, catering to whingers on the forum dropping another update, catering to the whingers who got what they wanted but are now unhappy with it.

Just stop.

Balance with addition not subtraction. Preferably slowly over time. Then maybe ppl won’t feel like they’ve been robbed, that you cheated them.

We’re at the point of why bother to level a creature because you’re only going to gut it anyway.

Why bother raiding for Mortem. And soon nearly a majority have it you’ll just gut it.

I’m not sure what your business strategy is but if i crapped on my customers as much as you do I wouldn’t have a business.

So stop. Just stop.


This can’t work becuase power creep exists, I’m no expert but @bobbymcfeen proly can tell you why


Power creep…that is all

Yeah, simply buffing everything new would make a lot of the old, balanced creatures unusable. Ludia needs to make boosts 100% refundable (or have regular resets) and disclaim that they’re going to be changing their creatures quite a bit, especially the ones that are obviously overpowered/underpowered.

That’s the best compromise of customer satisfaction and balance I can think of.

Oh, and make it easier to earn coins (through raids).


I can agree with 100% transparency that they’re going to gut things on a regular basis.

After any changes to a dino, they should simply allow us to simply “send back” the dino for a full refund. Example: You go full refund on Ardentismaxima, you get all the boosts and coins back, and the DNA is reassigned to Brachio and Ardonto (limits would have to be removed). You still want to go down the ladder, you could also go full refund on Ardonto, get all your coins back and Argent/Second get DNA back. That way, everybody is happy. No loss of boosts or coins. Sure enough, you may have lost time gathering DNA for those dinos, but if it’s ever buffed in the future, it will be waiting for you. That being said, I would add that after any major changes like this one, you could also have the option to flush 1 to 2 dinos as well (in case you’ve spent a million coins on a counter and would like your money/dna back for it as well)


Again, people are just exemplifying overreact right now. Max will still be 1 of the best dinos in the game, it isnt being nerfed to the grave. It was probably a little too harsh but it is still going to be a mainstay on end game teams


Yes, but now Gemini is just a better version of it. Anyone who invested in Maxima over Gemini will be in a pickle. Besides, Maxima didn’t need to be nerfed so hard in the first place.


I’m not saying buff everything new. I’m saying buff everything to achieve balance. Old creatures would get “inflation” buffs as needed. The type and amount of buff would vary to make your balance.

Not really, Gem was on plenty of teams before so it’ll be more common now and yes its going to be the new poster child for OP but people will have Max on their team so all this “its garbage now” stuff is too much

Let’s say you have a game where there’s a bunch of more-or-less balanced creatures, and 2 overpowered ones. Then the devs buff everything except those two to balance things out.
It would amount to the same as if the devs just nerfed the two overpowered ones to balance things out. It’s just that nerfing 2 instead of buffing everything is better in every way. It’s waaaay easier, takes waaay less time, and messes with waaay less creatures.

There is a right way to go about nerfing things, Ludia just hasn’t found it yet, even when it’s incredibly obvious, or of course, they’re running in circles on purpose.


Give this man a cookie!!!

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Geminititan was on way less teams than Maxima. In all of 2.0, I only faced 2 or 3, while Ardentismaxima was in every other match. Remember that we’ve had 2 direct darting attempts on it, loads on its ingredients and a championship for its DNA. There’s probably loads of players who aren’t close to Gemini that have Maxima already.


My point isnt that Gem is going to be OP, it’s that Max didn’t simply become garbage. I have Gem at 25 and Max at 29 (actually have the DNA to go to 30 but not the coin) and I’ve never worried about Gem, I donate to all request for its ingredients. Most lower or mid level players won’t have it but neither will most of their opponents… and most of the people complaining about Gem will be the same people telling others to “learn to counter” Max


Maxima has zero Distraction-resistance now, and it only deals 3600 damage with 2 hits cleansing distraction. That means that cunning creatures above 3600 HP are going to give it a lot of trouble. I think you’re underestimating how big the nerf was.

As for the rest of your post, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.


Some things are overpowered. Buffing things excessively to deal with an overpowered dino creates more overpowered dinos. Nerfs will happen. It is what it is. Just need to deal with it.

For what it’s worth, Max is still pretty solid as a dino.


Good and decent creatures i.e. Tryo, Tragod, Indoraptor, to name a few, turned to trash. That’s what they called balancing.

So, at the end of the day, we’ll end up spending resources i.e. time, effort, coins and DNAs levelling up creatures that end warming up the bench.

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Maxima is still really good. It has a lot of resistances, good bulk, high crit chance, and a really good kit. It’s just not the team sweeping monstrosity that it was before.

Overall, it will still be useful in both the arena and raid battles.


But its TSR has 2 CD
And he has no armor at all.
It should be like this:
Ardentismaxima (unique)
speed-108 (it was ok with this speed)
armor-10%(at least give her this much)
crit-20%(reduce some of its critical chance)
Resilient strike
Group decelerating rampage
Taunt shattering rampage(cooldown 1)
instant invincibility taunt
If they cant buff it then remove gemini’s distrction resistence

This is just wrong. Both nerfing a creature and buffing it’s counters have one result: reducing overall creature strength in the arena. So what’s the difference? Actually, there is one. Nerfing a creature is much easier and faster than buffing all it’s counters