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Dear Ludia! The speed system is still broken:/


You know its very annoying when i start a battle and ist showing that my lvl 24 dilorach is faster than the opponents lvl25 spinota…i click distracting strake instead of superiority strike…and thats it…the game is already decided…
Its very frustrating when you always have to check levels and speed.
Please fix it or completely remove the arrows that are showing the speed :smirk::sweat:


Same here. I lost 3 battles today because the speed-arrow was on the wrong side

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not much… just EVERY DAY. :roll_eyes:

the problem is: it’s not every move, so you trust is working and forget to pay attention. when you wake up, you made a choice thinking you were fast and bye bye that “15% strategy”.

can’t understand why is so hard to fix these wrong indicators. the rules are not that complicated to code. multitask overload / timing issues? :speak_no_evil:

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I mean. I’m not defnending them delaying fixing the speed indicator, because it most certainly needs fixed.

But it’s self explanatory that ur dilo isnt faster than a higher leveled spinota. U should know that without a speed indicator at all


Gawd! Memorize yer dinos and don’t trust the ingame tools! :roll_eyes:


Agreed. I just recently learned how priority works if both Dino’s are the same speed so I don’t even pay attention to the speed indicator anymore since it’s not always correct.


And i know very well the speed of those dinos…its not about that
Its abou what AndreMR mentioned…that you just dont pay attention sometimes…i had 10 battles without the bug earlier today… came that mentioned match and i was doing something else while battling…and didnt check the lvl of the dinos, just saw the arrow was showing im faster and clicked the attack option…
Thats why im saying if they dont fix it, than at least remove completely that indicator…would be 100x better without one than with a broken one


Im not disagreeing with you lol. It should definitely be fixed. But not paying attention when ur in a competitive battle is never going to do u any favors to begin with is it

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Jwa, competitive. LMAO It"s a game, not the Super Bowl…

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did you guys forgot slowdown and speedup moves?

even if i memorize a dozen dino’s original speeds, slowdown and speedup tries my speed for calculations in 15 seconds.

deinocheirus is 131 and uses 10% speedup at same turn proceratosaurus uses 50% slowdown.

WOOOOW, let’s calculate and make a decision in 15 seconds (less, we never have full time depending on connection situation).


It seems that when 2 dinos with same speed stat and different levels, it will always show the lower level as faster, when in reality the higher level is faster


That happens to me all the time. Most noticeable with Utahrinex.


I agree. Please fix the speed system.

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