Dear Ludia: This Christmas I would like...[Erlikosaurus Mega-thread]

For the chance to see more Erlikosaurus in my zones! Or a nice Incubator with enough DNA for me to level him up to level 20 at least! Lol

I swear this Golden Chicken is extremely hard to find in my area and I travel far and still nothing pops up! At least put it on the special events! It has never been on it!

Thank you! :blush:


I’d like to put an elf hat on my Indoraptor. I don’t know why.


Lol that would be great lol

… 1000 T Rex (not gen 2) DNA please. I would love you forever and leave mince pies out.

Dear Santa: this year I would like a new mobile that can handle AR, a new external graphics card for my laptop, and ALL the coin.


Dear ludia: I would like to see more epics in my neighborhood instead of irritator GEN 2 all the time


Dear Ludia: i would like my trex to have immunity. thats not to much to ask for and i promise she wont eat to many dinos :wink:
and a santa hat would be great on her. thankyou!!

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I would like coins. Lots of coins. All of my dinosaurs on my team can be leveled up. Plus I need to level up all my common and rare dinos that have legendary and unique fusions now. I need like 2,000,000 coins for christmas. :joy::sweat_smile:


Same, I have 12 creatures that need to be leveled up

Dear ludia, for Christmas I would like my indominus to have defense shattering attacks, a 80% critical chance, and quintuple the amount of health it has at level 30 to be on level 18! Oh, and make the dodge 100% >:3


To unlock my ouranosaurus… I will have an indoraptor before I unlock that epic😂.


Better spawns. Please and thank you.


Dear Ludia,

For Christmas, I just want 3500 Velociraptor (Common) DNA. Not even enough for the Indoraptor, not even enough to complete the Indominus. Just enough to at least get it to 15 so I can start on the Indominus.


Bro chill! I bet you 1000 dollars that your thing will get flagged…

I just want one teenie little thing, can you fix this, ask Age of Conan how to code it if you must.


I lol’d. I hope someday they disappear after you finish the strike event.

I’ve been playing this game since June, and while there have been several repeats as far as featured epics (Pyroraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus, etc) there has never once been Erlikosaurus.

Since Erlidominus is getting buffed to high heaven and its component is otherwise only a local epic day spawn/high arena incubator dinosaur, why not give us a couple shots at that one?


Actually, erlidominus is getting a debuff! I don’t remember what it was, but look at the topic “release notes” or something like that.

Taken from the Creature Changes section: " Erlidominus

  • Attack increased to 1,500. Speed increased to 129, surpassing Magnapyritor and Indoraptor levels."

How is that a nerf?


Erlindominus is going to be quality but i already gobe all on for indo now