Dear ludia. u need to change some creatures

U need to buff poukandactylus and especially with eagle being exclusive, tupand being very rare to find, deinononychus being very rare to find for a commen, and still poukandactylus is utter crap. (dont nerf monolometrodon plz)


Monlometrodon is the one creature thay should nerf, it’s top 5 legendarys and problably top 20 overall yet it requires a global and local common. I see you agree with the the harder to get the better it should be thing, i totsly agree with that too, but monolo and draco go straight agains that, they are the easyest legendarys to make yet the strongest.

It’s not just the parrot(that what i call poukiadac) thst needs a buff due to an execlusive component, constrictor, antarcto, orion, skoono, tinex and ecen maxima are all execlusive component uniqes that are quite underpowerd(maxima is strong but the gem-max relationg seems to be way on gemini’s favor despite the fact thst maxima is arguably harder to make, but then again brachi is in much more events then diplo)


ur right…