Dear Ludia, (yes, this is another open letter from GamePress)

Some thoughts on my current feelings and frustrations about the game


:clap::clap::clap: Open your eyes Ludia


It’s been only 2 years since the release of the game and a ton of players are almost ready to leave, myself included. PLEASE ludia in the next patch do the right thing, and after that patch don’t go back to your typical ludia ways. I’ve seen great updates from you (2.0 being a perfect example) where there’s minimal bugs, and the meta was very balanced except for pho, gem and tryko ofc. So i know for a fact the devs over at ludia HQ are perfectly capable of both listening to their players and delivering great updates, 2.3 was an embarrassment to say the least, and i guarantee you if another update like 2.3 comes out the game will die. The players have had enough, so this is our last ditch effort to have you guys see the game from OUR perspective. People pay money (buying VIP, HC, store deals etc) to give you guys funds to see you improve and go above and beyond, and what do you do? You take that money and spit in the faces of paying players update after update, stop it. Please


Yes. Thank you. I hope Ludia at least listens to you. Issue is they cover their ears and do the opposite of what everyone wants.

I miss the times battling was fun.
I miss hunting.
I miss using creatures I like. Now I only use creatures I feel like I have to. I’m terrified for the day magnapyritor gets nerfed into oblivion (manga is my fav dino)
I miss when a new creature would come and was viable.

Ludia, for once, listen. Do you want the game to die while you do nothing, and be remembered as the company who refused to listen, and killed their own game? Or do you want to save your game forever?


Need extra arenas as well people are stuck mainly in 2 arenas avairy and library and their few that progress from their I got to gyro for a few months but with everything stagnate back to library

Also, I may add. Ludia you guys are perfectly capable of making the game good, but choose not to.

It’s like homework. It’s boring, but if you work hard, you’ll get it right and get a reward (the game not dying). Where if you refuse to try, you get punished (game dies).

Choose wisely.


It’s time the devs have a revolution!

(I’m gonna get suspended for this…)

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They’d get fired, the higher ups will probably have it their way or no way at all

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Issue is the devs are like puppets. They have to do what their told

how about the players fire the company.


I totally agree. PvP is a mess, hunting DNA is useless with so many exclusive dinos. All new Dinos in the last couple of updates are useless. Tournaments are a joke with the speed tie and raids had been a fantastic idea, but because of always the same processes they are becoming boring routine.


The entire battling system acts like a slot machine because battling is so RNG based. Luck of the draw, stun luck, line-up luck, crit luck, speedtie luck etc


Can we please spread this as much as possible? Maybe Ludia will finally get the message.


And to clarify, this isn’t a bash Ludia post or isn’t meant to be. My hope was to open a conversation and see if other players are feeling the same frustrations I am. There have been several posts on this forum that agree with many of these frustrations, but those often get buried or closed. If you, or your alliance mates have any connection with what was written, give the post a like and let’s see how far we can really get it. Surely, a large number will get their attention.


Definitely in the same frustration boat. I haven’t regularly played the arena in over a year and a half. I’ve only done the one monthly battle to update my trophy count since then. Darting creatures isn’t the same due to all the exclusives and overwhelming amount of global spawns. And here’s that dreaded word, boosts. I’m honestly surprised ~30k people are still playing this game.


Agreed on all aspects, especially the hunting part, battling part and new creature part.

I’ve been trying since yesterday to get a single Tanycolagreus. I’ve been bombarded with Dracorex2, over and over again with my Giga Scent. These are both global dinosaurs, but one of them shows far too often, often two at a time.

Battling is… So RNG focused now. I’ve loathed battling since the resilient moves were introduced, and since they introduced that obnoxious rend resistance.

As for new creatures, I so badly want to use Poukandactylus, but again, resilients ruin all the cunning creatures (yet fierce do not ruin resilient creatures, how interesting).


Everyone here is in the same basket.
Frustrated and Disappointed.


i’m frustrated with the matchmaking. So many matches against players i can do nothing to. then the opposite side of the spectrum. not a lot of in between. my battling is few and far between because its such a mess, i don’t want to bother. Hunting is pretty much pointless since there’s always something you want to make, but it requires an exclusive component, so you sit at home just FIPing stuff in the sanc. It’s not exciting or engaging. The game is a chore and it’s sad to see it like that.


Well said! I hope they listen to us


I think the hunting boredom partly stems from the fact that once you have all or most of the dinos, there’s not as much of a point to go get DNA anymore. By that point you’ll probably have large stocks of most of the wild spawns, so you’re basically waiting for exclusives to come out to hunt for. You’ve essentially beaten the game by that point. New creature releases help a bit, bit the excitement dies quickly as you amass the new DNA.

I did recently come up with a potential partial solution though. They could basically split the global spawn pool into two “regions”, with each region including two of the game’s local areas. That way, no player would have access to the entire massive global spawn pool at once. I also prioritized splitting up hybrid pairs, so for most hybrids you’re working on, you’ll need some ingredient that can’t be found where you live, encouraging you to go hunt in other areas. If you’re interested, you can read more about my proposal here.