Dear ludia, you need a spawn zone rotation


Seriously, this spawn mecanic is tiryng and unfair for eveybody. I myself prefer the old spawn mechanic where i can find all everywhere. I had tons of dimetrodon dna and other dinos like epic anky or ouranosaurus, i saw only a few wild ones since july. Yes i go out another areas for hours and i feel im losing my time and only got tired, meanwhile local zone of dimetrodon guys are flooded whit they. Im flooded whit monoloohosaurus and other myself local dinos, meanwhile other people rarely can create a monostegotops i can have it at 27 if i had all the setegos i need( atm at 25 and half whit 1000 mono dna).
You need rotate at least each 2, 3 weeks the zones or make all rares global spawn. I could have magnapyrytor and a triostronix at lvl 25 if i had all the dimetrodons i need, i drive to his local area milles far and rarely get 1,2 at day whit luck.


Yeah, I fed up with all the Iguanodons and Apatosaurus. It took me ages to get some epics I’ve never seen before, most of them I got through incubators (like the Baryonyx)


it would be nice a rotation in local spawns, but right now how ludia works i don’t think so :confused: (cashing)


The global spawns are great. But the local spawns are very unbalanced, local 1 & 4 are great whereas 2 & 3 are dyer. I live in local 3 myself and it’s just triceratops G2/dilplocaulus and stinking iguanodon.

Each local should have at least one valuable common.


Im local3 too, and is the worst, no usefull commons here, my tragodistis is 23 since july ( 2 of 3 ingredients are diferents areas and i need tons of their dna dont have time to hunt that) xd only valuable dinos here are monolophosaurus and elrikosaurus the rest of time is trash


I agree. All I ever find are Triceratops G2, Iguanodon and the occasional Diplocaulus G2. I really need Euplocephalus, but there’s barely any local 1 areas nearby. These things are rarer than some of the epics for me.

On the subject of spawns, I really hope they consider swapping the day/night dinos around a bit too. Some people can’t get out at night, and others can’t get out during the day.


Really i had more fun prepatch 1.3, i remember go whit my gf and get exited of what we will find these day, now my gf let the game cause she cant go anothers areas for hours daily and dont advance nothing whit her dinos


Frankly, I’d be happy with a spawn TIME rotation. I can’t be up at 2 in the morning to maybe dart one, maybe two, Velociraptors, if they spawn near me in the first place. Same goes for Majunga and the pink trike hybrid piece. It’s silly to completely lock people out of certain DNA because they need to actually sleep and don’t work night shifts.


My area is not a big city. The central downtown is the convergence point of 4 zones, each zone is spread out to 4 directions. So if I’m traveling around in the downtown area. It can be through all 4 zones.
If I focus on some zone-specific Epics I will keep wandering in that zone.
it’s sound easy but spawn rate is low in central area. Hard to find one.


That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it? :thinking: While I’d agree that the pre-update spawn mechanics did provide better access to hybrid component Commons like Einiasaurus, Nundasuchus, and Velociraptor, I would argue that Rare and Epic creatures spawn more frequently and with greater variety than ever before in the current update. I don’t think that turning all Rares into global spawns would solve the issue—I think it would cause more problems, to be honest.

All that being said…I think there is middle ground to be had here—whether that’s dinosaur migrations or seasonal rotations of the local zone habitats.


Perhaps a bit exageration, but i had when 1.3 comes like 2k ouranosaurus dna, akylosaurus, postdimetrodons, 10k of dimetrodons and 5k dilophosaurus and i ignored they 80% of times and can advance in commons like euplo or parasaurolophus, had elrikos so often etc, i played much more than now cause i knew i can found something, but now is like i dont lost my time anymore and hubt whatever i have near.


well, here’s a one person who thinks
what I just thinking.

I really agree with your idea.


I fell Ludia will make other spawn zone migration, like they already did. I just keep darting every dino as I have the opportunity, yes also the poor diplocaulo had an hybrid lately, so why not iguanodonte? :wink: Nobody was darting sarcosuco and BOOM a hybrid appeared, maybe there will be more in the future. We know spawn mechanics can change, so we can be prepared and it will be another migration, I am sure of it.


I’m local 2 and it’s horrendous. Hope they rotate the zones around would be a good idea.


me too.

a daytime with nothing but few gen2 dilos
is a living horror with no hope.


Perhaps with the changing seasons there will be another migration? Or at least that would be a logical assumption to make.

I would appreciate another migration because while I love my parasaurolophus I’d be happy seeing something else.


I live in Local 1 and have Lythronax DNA coming out of my ears. I threw my bike in the car today and went to Local 4 for some Parasaurolophus’s. I think I got like 6 or 7 in the almost 7 miles I road through snooty rich subdivisions. That thing is a component of 2 legendary’s and I need lots and lots but those zones are either several miles ride or not easily accessible on a bike.

My unfortunate circumstance is I work and live in the same Local zones. I cut through local 3 and drive all the way through local 4 back into a local 1 where I work.


How do you find the information about what’s in what area and what area you live in?


Here is the link.


Just in the last week, the gas station on the corner that has 3 drops has spawned a common from L3 and L4 zones. I see the same stuff over and over so when something different than normal appears, I notice.

A few weeks ago the restaurant the other direction down the street started spawning the restaurant spawns. A local plumbers house started spawning those wiggly tad poles occasionally.

I do notice when anything changes around the house and work.

They are doing some little things if anyone is paying attention.