Dear Ludia

Dear Ludia,

it’s one month now that I’m fighting at Sorna Marshes. I’m sick and tired of how poorly designed that arena is. Incubators keep giving me DNA for the crappiest dinos in the mix. I don’t care for Proceratosaurus, I don’t care for Barionix generation 2, I don’t care for Purrosaurus and all the others (Irritator and Irritator gen 2). I also keep getting TONS of Stygimoloch Gen 2, which should be from the previous arena, so, why keep spamming yet another useless dino. There’s no way I’m getting the DNA I need to upgrade my team, and I’m not getting DNA for my top tiers either. I keep getting DNA for dinos no one has in their teams for very specific reasons (they suck).

If I look back at how the arenas are built, considering I’ll never make to Jurassic Ruins with my actual team; the first interesting arena is arena 5 because it should grant Parassaurolophus and Monosaurolophus which are needed for my legendaries.

So, it’s inveitable that I’ll be dropping down two arenas and spend some time harvesting DNA there, but at the same time I feel like a complete ass because I’m just going to play with a team that’s very strong at a level where people should be enjoying a different game. The more people will downgrade to lower arenas, the less fun the game will be for everyone involved.

So, please, stop crap DNA releases in higher arenas. Really.

Thanks for reading


Fully agree. We should be getting better DNA at the higher tiers of the Arenas.

why do people keep hating on irritator?



yes!! I need all the irritator I could get… mines barely level 15 :tired_face:

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Also… get rid of the utterly ridiculous 15 minute incubator! I hate, hate, HATE losing like 6 battles or more in a row… FINALLY winning just to be "rewarded " cough with a worthless 15 minute incubator…


They are definitely NOT worthless. I love the 15 minute incubators. You watch a 30 second ad to get free DNA. Freaking love it.


Those are my favourite as well you get better dna in them than the 3hr ones.


i would do many “things” for irritator gen 1 DNA

True, but for that you need also the Pyro part, which isn’t available at Sorna Marshes, so, you either downgrade your current arena (with above said problems), or you just wait to find epic Pyro DNA in nature (because in regular incubators I found it only twice in more than 500 battles won)

We literally just had a park event with pyros last week?


AND it is available in sorna they all are

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I’d be happy with irritator DNA. Want his hybrid but keep getting baronyx dna :rage:

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Totally agree with you but ludia won’t listen…

you could have hunted 6 pyro raptors last weekend. and beaten 1 dino in a strike event and gotten 300+ pyro raptor DNA. that’s the easy part of pyrritator.

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Ludia won’t listen. Spend money, or walk your ass off, or stop playing, or just happily stuck.
I’m happily stuck at 4200, no plan for climbing up, just trying to fuse all lengendary slowly.

until trophies matter, i don’t worry. we’re all getting reset soon anyways, and rewards are no different if you are at 4000 or 5000

Six attempts, in alternative to Blue. My Pyro is level 11, ans so it’s my Irritator, it’s a LONG way to Pyrritator. But anyway the main point of the thread is not about how good of bad a single dino is, but how good or bad Sorna incubators are.

Sorry I’m not trying to be rude or anything (no tone when writing)

You need lots of that irritator dna to keep levelling it up because it’s an area exclusive you’ll never see it in the wild. So whilst I can appreciate it can be frustrating to keep getting dna that you’re not currently using it’s worth it in the long run to keep levelling it up and eventually you’ll get there. Right now I would kill for some irritator :joy:


I’m with the lady above… :arrow_heading_up:

No worries :slight_smile: I’m 100% calm as well :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you’re sayin’, i.e. that that dino will be helpful in the future. But what I’m witnessing now is basically this:

a) I reached up to a point where I had a bunch of dinos which allowed me to have fun. This costed several hours of my life (not complaining about it, I had a lot of fun, brought me back to running, and all these things here), and a couple of months of gaming
b) at that point, I entered Sorna, and I managed to remain at Sorna (which was good, at that time it was the topmost arena)
c) then, the update, which erased from the face of my region all the dinos I needed, which was paired up with Sorna’s incubators. When I started Sorna, my Purrosaurus was maybe level 2. Now I have enough DNA to bring it to level 11. Same stuff for a bunch of other dinos, which have low attacks, uninteresting abilities, and they don’t hybridate, so, leveling them up could be done just for purposes of gaining XP and leveling up myself, which is nice, but doesn’t solve the issues I have with my current team
d) I keep fighting battles and apart from some rockstars (yesterday I fought a battle against a guy who had 8 legendaries in their party. Good for them, but I was nuked, lol), I see people with strong teams of level 20 good dinos (even common dinos, but level 20). My most advanced dinos are a Stegosaurus (level 19, then it stopped to fuse for Legends) and a Velociraptor (level 19). All the others are level 16 tops. And I see Tany at level 20-22. And Allosaurus level 20-22. Level 24 euplocephalus. Level 23 this other guy here. And I finally win a battle and get 434 Purrosaurus DNA, 220 Irritator GEN 2, 180 Sygy GEN 2, and 13 Epic Stygymoloch and I just think I’ll never go anywhere in this way. At the moment, out of my window, I have 3 reachable dinos (I can’t go hunting the whole day) and are 3 Diplocaulus.

What should I do in the end? I have coins to level up a few to higher levels, but there’s nothing around, what’s around ain’t interesting, and what comes from incubators ain’t interesting either. If I look down at guaranteed epic Monolophosaurus, I think I have a ton of Stegoceratops that I could fuse; if I look down at guaranteed Parassaurolophus, I think I could start two new hybrids based on that dino (of which I found exactly 3 specimen after the big update, and it’s a common dino). So, the temptation of just entering a few level 6 dinos in my team, and allow defeats up until I reach the arena where the interesting DNA is, is very strong (and also it’s a tiring thought, so, in the end, it’s very much likely that I’ll drop the game since it’s becoming not fun anymore and in one more I have to go back to teaching, and if it’s like last year, I won’t have a moment to breathe, hunting dinos won’t be an option). But anyway, dropping dinos to lower level arenas, if done consistently by users, will totally ruin the fun of those who are now actually struggling in those arenas.