Dear mods, why the heavy handed flagging today?

So much being flagged, closed and deleted today it’s drawing more attention to things you’re trying to stop/hide than just leaving it there.

So I’m curious why the abnormally heavy handed control today? Did we upset you or hurt your feelings or is Ludia wanting to stop the chatter in hope that the “we broke the game” issues get forgotten?


This is my guess.


This. I was going to say, before the thread got closed, that with al the “I quit posts”… why weren’t the mods doing what they normally do and combine them all into one thread, or better still have an “I’m leaving, bye” pinned thread as someone else once suggested, so everyone doing so can post to that… answer: they don’t want the community to realise how many people are leaving, especially long-time members.

So instead, they opted to close said threads, giving an at best, flimsy excuse, and saw to it that way.

I can just see a team meeting with Ludia and the poor mods today saying “shut this disquiet down! NOW”.

Heads up Ludia, we will keep on with our “free speech” as much as you try to stop that…

“Life will, uh, find a way”


The I Quit topics are becoming annoying and clogging up the forum page. Having a single thread for it is a better idea.


Agreed, even though everyone, especially long serving members of this community, has the right to individually have the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends/frienemies and voice exactly why they are leaving…

But they didn’t do that because the thread would be so popular and long that it would highlight the problem.

So instead they opted to just close those threads.

Poor show.


They had a pinned topic for the “I quit” threads. That got closed too. Personally im glad they’re closing all of them. :man_shrugging: pointless and useless. Adds nothing of depth to the forum and will be washed under the rug after 7 people say goodbye. Better to close it early and keep the forum clear

Ludia is in the phase of denial :slight_smile:


Then again there are ALOT more threads that I’ve thought should be closed multiple times lol this is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of what should be :sweat_smile:

Yea… but they’re not “pointless and useless”:

It’s better someone says they are leaving and why, rather than just disappearing, because:

  1. it gives those that interacted with them on here the chance to also say bye.
  2. it gives the mods feedback they can pass on.

Pointless and useless is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

I know me @ardens and @JHVS see them as pointless and useless, and then some, just off the top of my head :joy:


What do you think the forum is for but to give voice to the community so they can come together and debate topics relevant to the game?

No more relevant and full of depth a discussion right now but the state of the very game we are all on here because of.


Not pointless at all, as many who quite actually say why they are quitting, which are the biggest issues on the game. That is an opportunity for Ludia to actually improve their game…but instead they remove it: denial and the shortcomings of this game keeps on continuing


I think the number of “likes” on the threads for and against the state of the game speak for themselves right now. You can go name dropping all you like and I will add 20 to your 2, but it doesn’t add to your argument. I am friendly with & respect @JHVS more than you know, and if he wants to voice his opinion then let him do that for himself, then at least I know we will have some good, sensible discussions.


If I don’t want to read certain types of posts I just keep scrolling instead of trying to tell other people what to post on the internet.

I will give praise when it’s deserved, but if something isn’t right (boosts, matchmaking, etc), then I will speak up. Customer feedback helps companies improve service.


^ Bingo.



I get a little tired of the singular “I’m quitting” threads, it’s true. All those threads aren’t equal and some folks have been on this board forever etc. We do have a thread for people quitting and threads for every subject about why someone is quitting. It’s not such an issue right now as it was when the board had a new “why I am quitting” thread every 20 minutes (there was a lot of that right after the update; so much that reasonable complaints we needed to address actually got buried in why I quit posts)


I respect that.


I do feel they’re pointless. But I’m also accepting of that being my own opinion, and can respect those with differing ones.
I’ll just skip on over the topics, if I don’t feel inclined to drop a Mr Krabbs :crazy_face:


Just casually waiting to see how long it goes until this gets closed :joy: