Dear Ned,

I’ve been on the forum a long time now as are many others. We’ve seen memberpost get repeated, withdrawn, flagged, pinned, edited, liked, unpinned and watched :eyes:.
We’ve seen Ludiaposts get posted, withdrawn, edited, bombarded, liked and pinned.
We’ve experienced communication, silence, messed up posts, misinformation, warnings, bans, promises, and even moderators getting confused, frustrated, clueless and depressed.

There are many things wrong with the Game at this point, and lots of things lacking regarding the communication from Ludia towards its customers.

But what they’ve definitely done right is hire (and manage to keep) you.

From all the moderators and other Ludia folks on this forum you are, by far, the only one that never lacks to respond, has endless patience and can take a joke.

I’d like to applaud you for that. It can’t be easy being in your position having to deal with an endless amount of tags and complaints. Yet… you always respond, kindly and patiently and if possible get back ASAP with an answer or solution.

@Ned I hope that you’ll remain our rock in the unsteady waters of JWA Alive for as long as this game is live. And thank you for all you’ve done for us this past year.

Hopefully you’ll get to spend a lovely Christmas and spectacular new year with your loved ones. And receive a big fat bonus from Ludia for taking all the punches that get thrown at them.

Kind Regards on behalf of RaptorRedemption

PS. Do NOT cook, we all know what happens when you get near a stove :wink:

To all @moderators:


Lol nice job @Poezzzie and Happy Holidays to the whole playerbase and to the @moderators


merry christmas @moderators and to you to @Ned


Beatiful wishes, thank you for them. Mods are pleased for sure.

I would also want to say merry Christsmas to everyone, especially during hard times we live in. These Christsmas will be different than those before, but let’s make them just as beatiful. Stay safe y’all


Why are you suspended tho? Is this a bug or something happened?

Completely agree @Poezzzie! It’s not said enough but the mods are really the glue that keeps this awesome community together. Happy holidays everyone :smiley:

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@Ned you are our Hero, thank you for your support for us, we are really apreciatte that !! Happy Holiday :slight_smile:


It’s pretty ironic that Poezzzie is like the only person who gives the mods a warm Christmas wish and a thank you, and gets suspended… Wonder what she did :slight_smile: But I’m sure it’s nothing.

@Ned, I wish you a great 2021.


:cry: I am truly lost for words, but I would like to thank you for the kind messages, DPG members! :cry: and I hope everyone has a happy holiday as well.

sighyou leave the stove on once :man_cook:


Ned’s always been my “go to” guy too. LOL

@Starlinger27 @Tielenaar I accidentally uploaded the wrong (uncensored) screenshot of a message to my alliance members. Unfortunately the mod got me while I was trying to correct it… anyways… I’m back :wink:

Punished for making a mistake. Wow. Welcome back!

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