Dear RNG

When your opponents’ dodge works 5/5 and yours goes 0/2. woohoo


Same here if you replace „dodge“ with „stun“…:expressionless::expressionless:

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I am sick of losing back to back. Always enemy dodge and stun works but mine either very rarely and if both sides are using dodging then mine never dodges.

Same goes for critical. For me all dodge, critical and anything RNG works 10% of the time but for enemy its like 80%.

Really I hate this and wanna quit. Really can’t climb higher trophies. Win 3x while losing 9x+ in one day.

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I shake my head when the rng works both ends. The battle in which involves too much rng will be no doubt pile of junk. How is it not possible to adjust the rng format at this time?

Yeah I go on runs where my stun works a good amount of the time but I will be honest. I can count not very high until I hit the number of times EVER that stun did NOT work against me.

it’s not so terrible when a tournament isn’t going on i guess. it can change stuff up. but when it’s time to be competitive it gets annoying. not much legitimacy on the leader board when people are moving up because they got 5 stuns in a game and people moving down because they got stunned 5 times in game. neither means you are bad or good.

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Looking at the 53xx - 54xx teams…
I may take that as a challenge rather than most teams at 50xx - 51xx or even teams at 48xx - 49xx.
Something is really broken somewhere… seriously…

That post got flagged?

The people in the 5100’s are bad, their high level team carries them.

Teams at 51xx is higher than those at 53xx? Because they are b4d…? The thread is about RNG…
Maybe I’m not that clear enough…

Crap. Crap. Crap.
Everything got flagged

Fought iRex, cloaked twice and dodged 4 times. My stegod & megalo didn’t get the chance. :cry:

Yeah its really annoying because the only times my Indominus double dodges in during strike events where I don’t need it to happen to win, but if its an important arena match you can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t dodge ANYTHING!

Im saying why people in the 5100 range have better teams than those in the 5300 range because they don’t know how to use their teams correctly, if one player with lower level stuff is around the trophy range of people with teams 2-4 levels higher they’re either carried by rng or really good. But considering that almost all teams 200 trophies lower than the 5300 range are better that shows that it isn’t just rng there, sure there may be a few who are actually good but rng keeps them down. But for the most part those people don’t know how to properly utilitize their teams which is why they’re teams are higher levels than those 200 trophies higher than them.

I personally look at the game as split into two different types of dinos: those that rely on RNG, and those that don’t. Until RNG is balanced, I’m building my team to counter RNG mainly by not relying on it for wins. I’m rebuilding my team with guaranteed damage, guaranteed defense and let all you other players hope you can get lucky. I’m tired of being unlucky.


Teams at 5.1k.

Among those at 5.3k.

Those at 5.1k have awesome teams at skillfull as well. So…

Or when your opponent got the perfect deck and yours has the weakest dino from the team and not a single nullifying dino. Yay.

you don’t really see “skills” until dodges and stuns don’t work. then you see who can play.

Really starting to dislike this game. I killed my opponents dino and other two were one shot away from death. I had only one dino dead at this point and other almost dead. My two full hp dinos were faster than my opponents almost dead dinos. Then this guy pulls his 4th dino and dodges everything and wins the game. Tired of this caca. It was all good and fun match until evasive.