Dear Scutomoceros Fan/Enjoyer!

Noooo not the Tsintamoloch! He looks beautiful!


Can someone tell me wheres the data mine?

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Beautiful, but Paramoloch doesn’t need another hybrid.


Pros :

  1. in terms for dna paramoloch isn’t hard to farm
  2. Tsintaomoloch could be a better use in pvp than touramoloch since he technically would have stronger attacks than touramoloch and still be a double healer

Cons :

  1. might be harder to get tsintaosaurus dna since he is already used for a legendary (also depends if tsintaomoth gets an s hybrid)
  2. We already have two unique hadrosaurs. We should get uniqes in other families since many rigs don’t have a unique

It’s unlikely they name a porcus hybrid with entelo of course archaeotherium is an entelodontid but also enteloceros is marked as legendary so that debunks porcus. It’s more likely he is a second Entelodon hybrid or a enteloschops hybrid

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I mean Increase 100% crit only…

Sorry I’m not a hacker :relieved::ok_hand:

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Who did u talking about?

I was thought this is a makeup name until I googled it lmao

If they made art of it, they will probably add it eventually. Everyone wants the alankylo hybrid, and it will probably be added eventually. Also, why would they “throw away” that model?

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What is ovilopho going to be hybridized with?

that’s not a model, just a concept art, and you’re saying a rich company like Lydia can’t throw away a Concept art?

Not throw away in a general sense, but more so like not making it into a real model, even though it looks really nice

yea agree, just no Alankyloceratops, that model is boring.

Yeah, i agree

Yeah my first thought about the name too

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Well perhaps some change forthe moddel will happen . The in game indotaurus looks also different from the early concept


You know “Pork Chops” IS Entelochops, right?


I would add that this would also make Paramoloch the only legendary besides Indominus to get two hybrids. As a face of the franchise it makes sense for Indominus to get two hybrids, but I’m not sure why Paramoloch should get this honor. Plus, other hybrid lines (notably something like Tsintamoth) should get attention first if they DO want to make another unique healer.


Stygimoloch Gen 2. The description also has it as being very colorful and using display over ramming.

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