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Dearest Ludia, expand the arena team size

I say expand the arena/tournament to 10, that would certainly spice up the drudgery that is current game play.

Your thoughts?


Nah I think 8 is fine. Expand the actual arenas tho. As in add another. It’s all clogged up from Aviary and up which results in disgusting matchmaking

I like that idea! That would also help thin out the boosts too.


I think the “clogging” might actually be the result of a small playerbase making exact matchmaking more difficult. But yeah, 8 is fine. Too many would make it less likely to get each dino during a given match.

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They have to fix the waiting time for higher arenas too, or add faster AI access. Otherwise people keep dropping and taking dino dungs on the players that don’t stand a chance. I mean when level 30 hyperboosted Thor drops all the way to Badlands, you know there is a problem.


I would hate to have to get more dinos to team level and boost them accordingly, but other than that a bit of extra randomness would be nice.

The problem is the players being a damn jerk and a whole powerful alliance knowing this and allowing it to keep happening.

The higher waiting times are there for a reason… they screwed up adding boosts into normal incus.
So, the whales, with their almost infinite resources can’t be getting tons and tons and tons of boosts by playing against bots time and time again.
The people that drop to farm? Weaklings that don’t deserve any respect. Cowards, all of them.

This idea of an expanded team roster is too flawed to work.
You are basically killing the playerbase that ALREADY HAS A HARD TIME LEVELLING AND BOOSTING EIGHT DINOS.
The game doesn’t need more “brilliant” ideas that cater to whales and play-to-win players, thank you very much.


I love this idea and have said so many a time.

I wouldn’t raise it to 10 though, I’d raise it to 12

Let’s shake things up a bit

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Then I guess should have just given us 100 boosts per strike, that way we get 100 guaranteed boosts a week and extras from DBI. Or … have us do quests for boosts?

That would work.

But is too late to expand the roster.
Plus… you really don’t want it.
Imagine, 2 dinos more to get a few chances of pulling the right hand, your best hand.
This forum is full of tears about the RNG, yet you want to add just a tad more.
Get real.

I don’t want roster expanded, I just want droppers to get back where they belong. Why do I have to face these things?

It’s not matchmaker, teams that are full of these should be in Gyrosphere and above, but they’re either in low Library or middle to high aviary, and people said they even come to badlands!


The only problem I see with adding more dinos is that give whales more power.
Everyone can field 8 decent meta relevant dinos.
Most whales have maxed meta relevant dinos on the bench that just werent good enough for their main 8.

You’re not getting it boost-haters. This would make hyperboosted Dino’s less valuable as it reduces your chance of gretting one as your four fighters.

Plus, it would force players to know and utilize an expanded move set. Players are already intimate with which move works best against which opponents because the top 10 used Dino’s are so overlapping.

I’m not a boost hater, But I have a max boosted L30 Thor on the bench already and enough boosts to max boost another three after reset once I get my tourney teams boosts back.
The gap would widen considerably between the power players and those who are just catching up.


But whales would boost all 10 dinos, making them even harder to beat. So no thanks.


The maxima is from 1.0 boost era, right?

No. Note my Gemini has used the definite shield advantage. That wasn’t in when 1.0 was going on.

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Would be interesting, choose 10 have 5 kill 4 or choose 12 have 6 and kill 5. But I do admit that it would be much more of a gamble.

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Ouch! That would make battles pretty long.
I was thinking this was more alone the lines of draw 4 dinos out of a larger pool. LOL

I would definitely say you get to draw 4 from the 12.

If it meant those at the top hit to max boost 4 more dinos to add their roster then surely Ludia would be the ones to benefit most of all.

But most of all, for the average player like me, it means that there is less likelihood of facing the exact same dinos in every single match up.