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Death of evasive creatures?


With the new precise and definite attacks creatures with evasive stance and cloak are in some danger will it be the death of evasive attacks and creatures?


I know. They beat up Monomimus’s dead body.


This is why I am not a fan of those abilities. Over the last year everyone has worked towards creating Indominus, Indoraptor and Monomimus (to name the main ones) and now it feels like they are being screwed over.


Surely Monomimus. But the others don’t really have to rely on Cloak/Evasive.

Indoraptor can still cleanse off Bleeds, Distractions & Slows and can break shields thanks to DSR.

Indominus can still soak up some hits.

Erlidomimus is still going to be the rat exterminator

Procerathomimus can hold it’s own I guess?


I only have one evasive dinosaur on my team (Indoraptor). Sometimes I can play him like a normal raptor and avoid using evasive, so time will tell if I need to replace him or not.

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I don’t think so. All evasive creatures can put up a fight without their evasive abilities. Take procerathomimus or erlidominus. Both of them rarely use cloak/evasive. They do their combo and dye or run, their evasion is just an extra addition to help them against bad RNG (crits and direct counters).

All in all, the new attacks will only reduce RNG based wins. But few creatures can use them, and they’ll be hard to create and level up. Lot of space left for evasive creatures.


I hope Procerathomimus is still gonna be good, because I’m just now getting it to team level.


Procerathomomis should be fine since he has an instant distraction and distraction. As long as the opponent isn’t immune that is


In my case, I don’t use the evasive stance too much with Alita and MEGA Becky, I’ll probably get used to those attacks pretty quickly


It really depends on quite a few factors a lot of the dinosaurs that have that ability are untested or unproven. Will it eliminate their place in the meta? Maybe more likely it will simply reduce it. At the end of the day those abilities are meant to counter cloak and evasive stance but you have to have them in your hand and use them at the right time.


So let me get this straight. There are people who ask for more counters for cloak and evasive stance, but complain when more counters for cloak and evasive are introduced???

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We already have counters, those dinosaurs with nullification. You can’t keep adding new ways around it otherwise those evasive abilities become pointless.



Now their are tons of more ways to take away the dodge and the cloak.

People will be more prepared and dinos will have better moves.


Sure evasive creatures may lose to precise/definite moves on head-to-head combat but that is not always the case. It really depends on the situation. For example, the speed up angry chicken may take them down due to out speed. I believe they will not death but we have to use them more carefully.

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It will certainly be interesting to see how the meta changes through this in any case.

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make evasive stance 66% or 75%

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Mostly those cloak/evasive users are already have an advantage by themself.

Indominus rex
-High Hit Points
-Decent Attack Points (and still get more buff next patch)

-Shield Shattering
-Decent Hit Points
-High Attakc Points
-128 Speed

-2 Distracting skills
-131 Speed
-High Damage rival to Indoraptor

-…wait… let me think a bit…
-…maybe next time then


I mean… If someone spams dodging like a monkey, sure they will be useless.

The only thing changing is that now (thank god) not 60% of games will start with Indoraptor Evasive.

But I fail to see how it is different to swap a Monostegotops into a Indominus or an Erlikospyx. Only thing changing that there are more counters available.

It’s not like Indoraptor and Proceratomimus were stripped off their ability to cleansweep entire teams or Domdom and Dominus were negated their ability to oneshot anything they lay their eyes upon.

It’s just now, there are extra options to stop them being the loose cannons they are.

I am almost sure Indominus, Erlidominus and Proceratomimus will do just fine.

Indoraptor… That’s one that I can imagine getting into trouble, but worst case scenario, he will be buffed or reworked if he lags behind.


Indoraptor only suffers from low HP, if the HP is buffed approriately, there will be no problem for it.
There are more and more counters to Indoraptor. There are already Suchotator, Monostegotops and Magnapyritor (Monomimus was a counter too), now we have more like Dioraja which is going to get Precise counter attack.


Bleed works through cloak on Indo which makes no sense. I mean if the thing dodged a hit, how did it get bleed?