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Death Roll - an idea to counter SIA-s and buff crocodiles


So, the recent topic discussing the current “meta” of the game really left me thinking… Apparently, Ludia really likes to emphasize on “fighting fire with fire” kind of new mechanics. Which I personally don’t really agree with, since it’s starting to spiral out of control, also known as “power creep”(Dracoceratops is a big offender, because it was buffed to counter DPS nonsense like Diloracheirus, which is the way it is because certain hybrids like Tragodistis and Spinachsuchus are way too fast for what they are…). Personally I belive some minor nerfs could easily fix the whole situation, but it’s sadly evident that Ludia is much more focused into pumping out stronger and stronger dinosaurs, making old ones severly outclassed.

But that is not the point. Ludia clearly showing that they are not really willing to do that and rather force in more and more mechanics. Which is not so bad in some ways. But as of now, there really isn’t much in terms of countering the actual SIAs. Sure, you can oneshot the SIA user after it did its thing or in certain cases, nullify the SIA action (swap in ferocity, swap in shields).

Which also brings me to the previously mentioned… Sort of half-point. That certain old designs are struggling. We all damn well known other than Utahsinoraptor, Raptors are practically extinct in the higher level of play, other than the occassional Blue (which is actually a fairly decent high-end epic, mind you). But that’s another topic for another time… There is one class however, that is struggling even in lower areas and see very limited play in higher areas.


They desperately need… Something. Lockdown strike and Vulnerability strike (or in Sarcosuchus’ case, wounding strike) are fairly good mechanics on their own, and their base stats aren’t bad either… But they just doesn’t perform well and the sum of the parts is somehow weaker than the individual skills. Higher end crocodiles like Grypolyth and Sarcorixis aren’t that bad, but offer very little others can’t do.

So it would give a much needed love to our good old Croco hybrids as well.

Which brings me to the main point. What if Crocodiles were the dedicated anti-SIA creatures?

Therefore, I present you the idea of a crocodile-class passive


If a crocodile is on the field and a SIA happens, the “dinosaur” performs a devastating attack, picking up and trashing around the opponent, negating the SIA effect. This effect also has priority over any SIA (if swapped in). When the effected SIA user is slammed to the ground, it is locked for the next turn and has a 50% chance to be stunned as well. It deals no damage.

Creatures with this passive: Purrolyth, Grypolyth, Sacrosuchus, Sarcorixis, Sarcosuchus, Purrusaurus, Purrusaurus Gen 2, Gryposuchus

Thougths? Ideas? Suggestions?

I am not 100% sure on the stun part, because it thematically would make sense being impaired after a heavy crocodilian beatdown, but I don’t want to go overboard with it, so I think 50% seems reasonable. I wouldn’t be against higher percentage (66, 75, 100), but I am not entirely sure about it being balanced… So I’d like to hear your ideas on that. Or maybe just make it a 2 turn uncleansable lockdown? I’m up for suggestions on this one.

Ludia Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Listens... Except That One Time

This needs to be implemented into the game ASAP!
I always love the ideas from the forums like these.


How about instead of a stun chance, it’s a guaranteed slow for 1/2 turns (depending on the croc). So 2 turn lockdown + the croc gets to make the first move.


Well, I wouldn’t be against it. Or 75%


Yanno, we’ve disagreed over the green murder chicken before. But I have grown to admire your conviction regarding it.

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What about different rarities have different stun chances? Like, Grypolyth can have a 100% stun chance, Sarcorixis could have 75%, The rare crocs could have 50% and the common Crocs 25%?

I really like this idea btw. ^-^


I like it very much, would look spectaculair also.:smile:

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I don’t personally think higher rarity should have a higher percentage. Imo it would be best to keep it consistent all across the board.


I love the crocs and would love to be able to utilize them. I am all for this idea.


It’s sad to see that my boi gryplolyth is worse then a god dang rat


I like the idea, but I doubt it would really work. Anybody who has dracocera would just not swap them in when you have a crocodile out, so this ability would probably almost never be seen. Unless, lets say the deathroll was a 50%. They swap in, 50% chance they dsr you, 50% you pick them up and slam them down with a 75 or 100% chance stun. I could get behind that.

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The wording may have not been clear, but the passive is kind of a sia as well. If you know how much damage the average leveled Draco deals for your trophy count, if you would swap in when suspecting a rat, it would completely negate their swap, if you both swap at the same time. That’s what the whole “priority over other sias” part was trying to cover.

Another thing is that people mostly use it near the end of the battle so a crocodile last pick would completely negate a Draco.

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Yes we need this, someway to make SIA not as powerfull

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I like the Deathroll idea. I had another idea for Crocs that’s similar.

Active Skill: Submerge. X sinks into the muddy water making it hard to see and giving it protection from attacker ( 25% evade +50% armor) for 2 turns. If a swap is attempted X with lash out at retreating enemy causing (50% damage and 2 round lockdown). Attacking while submerged deals (150% damage) but immediately ends submerge.

There could be variations like wounding submerge that bleeds instead of the damage or Submerged Impact/Rampage (100% and 150%) damage respectively. Slowing Submerge would slow instead of damage…etc

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I thought that would be a suggestion like SIA “instantly win a match 50%”. That’s their style. No strategy, only stupid random


I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say.

Is my suggestion you are having a problem with, SIA or both?


Yea…We need something like this that trigger an effect when opponent swap actively.

I personally hate random stun effect so I highly object implementing 50% stun because both player do not have control over it, Ludia does.

But the formula of “when the opponent swap actively, XXX happens” can apply a variety of effects.

Such as - 90 % distraction, 100% stun, DOT 0.2 for 3 turns, lock down cleansing abilities for 2 turns… etc.

There are a lot of possibilities that could be explored.

BUT AGAIN, Swap in defense shattering rampage STILL NEEDS TO GO!!


I was hesitant to include the stun. Even if it only just gets rid of the SIA and apply an uncleansable 1-2 turn lock, it is still a strong passive.


Lockdown Wounding Strike would be awesome for crocs.

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You just want to see a croc death roll a rat … :rofl: