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Deathward Bug still exists

@Keith responded on the last patch notes thread the Deathward bug was addressed and fixed and it is in fact still happening in the game with Saarvins Common axes and fury. Lost a match after Killing a deathwarded Coriolis that Disappeared off the screen after reviving. I scrambled to restart the app and get back into the match just in time to watch the Coriolis move forward when timer ran out and lose to arena fire. It seems that the “fix” for this bug was to nerf his common axes so everyone will just un equip them and not actually fix the bug… I posted this 5 days ago with a back handed sarcastic remark and was silenced for my sarcasm. Players should be aware that your fixes or the communication of this fix was a lie or someone was mis informed. Please fix your buggy game.

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@Hank No Comment on The Bug that we were told was fixed in the last re balance update but obviously didn’t???