Deathward on boss bugged

Had cleric dominated on level 8 Lightfinger and moved on to level 9, cleric then attacked another party member and caused boss to be deathwarded. Out of curiosity I finished the boss to see what happens - the boss disappears but the fight doesn’t end, you can take one more move then you are unable to do anything else but quit the challenge.

For your attention game devs.

As in, you were able to kill the Pit Fiend boss within the 3 or 4 rounds that it would have taken for the Death Ward to expire? You must have some Uber DPS.

Anyhow, when Quilothoon (Heartcoil boss) has charmed my cleric and had him grant Death ward, I’ve seen the “Immune” message pop up, meaning that boss can’t be given Death ward. I would have expected this be something applied to all 5 of the challenge bosses, alongside their push/pull/stun/disarm immunity!

In your case, I wonder if closing the app to restart the encounter would have worked.

It’s quite easy to finish the pit fiend in 1-2 rounds with enough AC reduction skills. I reset the game 3 times and tried various things just to see what happens, each time if he gets killed while deathwarded the game locks as I described. In the end the cleric just didn’t deathward him and I killed him normally.

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Hey Flazzy, thanks for reporting this to us.