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Debate: the point of dinos with 2 days cooldown

Hey folks, I was wondering and being interested in watching your opinion in this topic.

For you what’s the point of having dinosaurs that you can’t use every day, and by this I mean having teams with ferocity higher than a level 10 indoraptor (for my this will be my limit since having enormous cooldown times it’s not my thing).

-You have few creatures that matches Indoraptor at level 20, 30 and 40, so it’s kind of boring having to use only one or two creatures of each type with him.
-To build a team of metrias, armomatas and gorgos, you will need to spend tons of DNA in a dino you can’t use in two days or more.
-Now since you can’t use your Dinos on daily biases you will have hard times with daily events, sometimes there are days with a lot of events in which you need to do 12 battles with top Dinos which equals to using 36 dinos, and having 36 of them if you make it, the next day you won’t be able to use it, so basically for doing every event out there you might need 50 top Dinos instead of 25 (double cooldown time, double amount of Dinos needed to compensate this).
-You need 50 top Dinos and basically you have pretty limited options in what to choose from.
-We still don’t have a strong amphibian.
-We still don’t have other strong new Dinos to make it more interesting and there is no sign of them to come.
-If a tournament goes by you will be lucky if you are able to use them twice which is boring.

-You can do boss damage missions in a very short time.
-Ego booster (my Dinos are stronger than yours).
-If you have a lot of time playing you have nothing else to do.
-If you are lucky enough to have them for a tournament they make easy wins.
-they are cool hahah.
-collectors goals by having all Dinos level 40

So basically if you want them you will need to spend wild amounts of dna just to compensate their cooldown and you will need twice the amount of them if you want to do all of the daily events, but they are also cool, and have some advantages.

What do you think guys? :thinking:


I think at this point you have a lineup deep enough to finish all events

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I personally plan on not increasing ferocity once I have a proper line up which easily finish #1 dominator, (note I am still basically a noob and haven’t landed in dominator yet). I see no point in getting better creatures then tournament lvl 40 creatures maybe vip 40 at most after that cool downs are just insane.

But in the end this game is a collectors game, just people have different end goals with their collection, some just want to have one big bad indoraptor, some want max of or atleast 1 of every creature or some want to max every paddock possible.

So if you’re aim in game is to have a max of everything then the insane cooldowns are unavoidable.


I’ve long nerf my Dino’s for more favorable cooldown times. I’m pretty happy with a L1 Indo cooldown of 16 hour. I may go up to L2.

To best honest these long cooldown time will make me be pretty happy with where I am and maybe start to lose interest in the game. I just don’t want to play a game even more controlling of what time of day than it already is.


Yep, totally agree with you :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Yes! I do agree, when I get my indos i will leave them at level 1, i think they are more than enough and i will still be able to use other hybrids to add variety


And by the way, your plan it’s just how I used to play!! Haha and also I had the idea of only using level 40 tournament creatures, you will get there, I wish you good luck and enjoy the process.

Also as a tip, super hybrids have the same stats in level 10 as level 40 legendaries, so I highly recomend you investing into getting there, they will make pretty easy a dominator finish, and they have shorter cool downs :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Thanks even I have eyes on super hybrids, but I either need mono/carno unlock or sarco s dna cycle to get started on the rare s hybrids.

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You have laid out the pros and cons well. The reason I am aiming for level 40 of all of the creatures is because for me (everyone is different) “winning the game” consists of getting all creatures to lvl 40 and still being able to play the game when and how I want. So yes this means multiple copies of the higher end tournament hybrids due to cooldowns. Yes this means an obscene amount of DNA. But as you continue to accumulate DNA playing the game it needs to be invested somewhere so eventually that is where the game takes you. There are lots of goals one can have for this game, winning tournaments, collecting creatures, completing events, and the list can be adapted and changed based on the player.

But yes higher end creatures with higher level does mean having to find a solution to the inevitable longer cooldown.

I have played some mobile strategy games in the past that would require coordinated attacks that would take multiple days to execute so being able to play frequently is both a good and bad thing because perhaps playing every day is not ideal. I took yesterday off from all events the game had to offer which was the first time in I think 3 years since I have started playing the game. There have been times where I didn’t complete one event on a random day but never a day where I just didn’t complete a single event.

Today my game still functions and this might be something I implement in general on more than one day a week because my game has gotten to the level where completing every event produces such a small overall change to what my lineup is comprised of that there isn’t a need to grind like I once did.

Now if Ludia creates some higher level rewards for events that are more aligned with the creatures being utilized I might reconsider but until then there is a for sure diminishing return on the daily events as your creature base continues to rise into and above level 10 Indoraptor.


Totally agree with you, it’s natural to keep the development and use massive resources to achieve that. Also is a nice idea that in one point all of the events isn’t that important.

Definitely if I play two more years I will end there going for a level 40. Or also you can go wild with cenos or aquatic ones.

And also it’s a masive cool challenge to get those Dinos and finding the right balance.

Thanks for your answer :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I also agree, after 2 and a half years of playing I am aimimg to max out all creatures too. A lot of work to unlock all of the tournament hybrids :sweat_smile: but hopefully it will be done in a year

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That’s what I like with this game, it takes ages to progress and to achieve some things you really need to work hard so it keeps you in. It’s pretty addictive haha

Exactly that is the whole challenge of the game wich keeps you playing!

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