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Debate... Unlocking dino without requirements

Now tournament has finished many people have had the opportunity to unlock Ardentis.

Many of the low level players without parents in the level required.

Why ??

Many of us had to effort quite much to unlock it without help, and now many of them, PUM, level 21 Ardentis to begin with.

not fair at all.

too many “free” things for nothing


rewards are scaled to player level. unless your alliance is reaching max rank (not sure what the dna would be for real low level) i highly doubt there would be lv 21 maximas running around in badlands.

Although, you should work for a unique. They are some of the hardest things to create. Unlocking them without meeting the requirements for a fuse seems like too much of a short cut.


No need to whine and complain. This helps lower level players out a lot. What if you were in there shoes.


Eh I mean you still have to work for it my dude, I unlocked mine from the two weeks we got to dart it…but then it took me another month to even be able to start fusing to leveling it up. But I slowly but surely got it up to 23. Even with the free incubator everyone got and todays final rewards I was only able to get it 24 and I’m still a ways away from getting to 25. So ya while it’s a. It annoying seeing people getting to unlock it more easily than you it doesn’t mean that there isn’t still work to be done after the fact


My dentist for example I worked for. It was level 25 before this championship. and I worked for it to get to that point. I guess people just have differing views on this. Its very beneficial for those lower players. Good point you made :+1:

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I mean remember saint Patrick’s day, thanksgiving, Christmas, all other times we got a unique/ legendary to unlock


Free stigydaryx :rofl:

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Lol exactly :joy:

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Mid arena players can now easily unlock a top 5 dino in the game. They’ll terrorize everyone else with it. This is an exact repeat of what happened on St Pattys day 2019 and with the IndoG2 during the Winter. They never learn. Oh well. I’m not even playing anymore, I just stick around to see the game slowly go down the drain. I hope the little guys enjoy their crutch while it lasts. It comes at the cost of a quicker end for the game.

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idk where i stand honestly. To unlock it without meeting the requirements is a job in itself.
maybe i just think there should be a minimum arena requirement (or something) for uniques/ legendaries or we get the mess that Saint Pat’s 2019 gave us.

Like: either you can unlock it without the requirements, but you can’t use it until X arena/player level/ average team level until the requirements are met.


Tbh I think there are more things… like bugs, matchmaking, speed ties… amongst other things that we need to complain about/ have fixed before this… so your telling me people can drop down to lower arenas and terrorize new players with their boosted unique dinos… but new players can’t get a unique that they battled for for 4 or 5 weeks to help them…and if they don’t have the ingredients that unique will stay at lvl 21 for a while with little to no boosts anyway… I really don’t see a problem


Not sure why complaining about low lvl players getting first unique. Ardentis dna was given out almost like Yoshi dna. Players still need good active alliance to get more than 100 Ardentis dna.

Some bugs are way more problematic than some low lvl players unlocking unique without having its ingredients on lvl 20.

Why you don’t complain that Library will be flooded with lvl 30 Maximas?

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I’ve been here from the beginning.

no multifuse.
suffered all buffs, debuffs.
dealt with golden towers when I was newbie with a bare Deus and Indominus 17/20 with no boosts at all.
suffered stunlock era with Stegoceratops and Paramoloch. and here I am, just with my own thoughts.

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not free but more spawns.

I can almost start fusing for maxima


Me: My next unique will be Ardentismaxima. It’ll take forever

June Championship: ima stop you right there

The rules of the game are imposed, whether you like it or not, nobody forces you to play this game, I am also bothered by players with excess power-ups, however you have to put up with it because that’s the way the game is.

Newbies get way too much things for free. I just made an alt account and received 5 rares for just opening mailbox incubators. Back in my day, you had to actually hunt these in wild

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Do you also want to speak to the manager when an item you purchased gets its price lowered after a week?
Let the newbies have something nice, it will keep them engaged and help them out on their strike towers.

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There’s nothing worse than sour grapes from more seasoned players.

A bit like when you visit an old people’s home and they all sit there saying “Back in my day we had to work for what we had, kids today have never had it so good”

Now bear in mind that I’m one of those oldies, (at 59 and having played since the game was launched), and I think having to wait till level 17 for multi fuse and rewards being lowered according to level suck big time.

I want to see more and more players enjoying this game, not less. I don’t care one bit that it may be easier for new players to build a strong team. The more players there are in the pool, the more likely we will have better matchmaking.