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Debuff strike event's

Hihi all. Next week is debuff theme from strike event’s, I wanna know which DNA we can have on them.

Thank’s in advance! @hopeforraredilophosaur


From the darting, I guess Kelenken and Blue are the highlights for me.
From strikes, Wuerho (for my team’s Carnotarkus), Tuojiang (just in case I’ll ever decide to get Dioraja instead of Gemini), Raja (for the same reasons as Tuojiang), and of course I’d love the charger scent (need Dracorex for making Utarinex) and the extra attack boost for my Erlikospyx

Oki thank’s.

:tada: Full Week :tada:


A couple dinosaurs I need more in there which is nice.

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For my 2nd account where I’m working to complete my dino dex, there is nothing this week I need in that respect.

For my 2020, level 20-21 team plan, I will go for Blue to grow Indo G2 up towards 20. I already have enough Kenny to move it up to 20. I may go for Delta. I’ll take what ever common is in reach but will take Phorus to get my angry bird up to 20.

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Hooray! Blue! :grinning:



Artemis, my Indo2, is very happy about this. Alliance rewards, as well.

Finally, dilophosaur rare and epic monolophosaur in strike event’s this week :heart_eyes: