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Dec 16 - 22 - Cute

Spot the mistake! Stegosaurus LMAO!!! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


This will be amazing! scolosaurus again. Adontosaurus, which i need for maxima. Dracorex, echo and nasuto. I need Draco for rinex, but nasuto for carbocera. Don’t relly need echo since i live in local 1. More Blue, as well as carbo again. And Ardentis!
3 epic strikes. (goodbye chance at beating it if maxima is part of the equation)
Now if they can get the dang supply drop distribution right this will be great.


Great week. I might get VIP for this.

YAY, free Atom DNA on my Bday

For the commons, Scolosaurus seems to be the best, as she is super rare. Dracorex will be my main goal, just because of Utarinex. I might catch a few Nasutos aswell, as I’m low on her. We’ve gotten Blue in so many Events already, plus she’s even the daily mission reward now, so I’ll mainly focus on Carbonemys for the epics. Ardontosaurus and Ardentismaxima are an awesome addition :grin:.


Yeah, plenty of good ones. For me it will be:
Scolosaurus (as it is rarer than the others)
Draco, Echo, Nasuto lol anyone will do
Carbonemys as we’ve had Blue a lot recently
And of course the two hybrids.
Also 3 epic towers!

Shopping list: Dracorex, Ardonto, Blue, and Ardentis.

Unless your Alloraptor can survive a Decelerating impact, that is. Actually, even a low-level Marsupial Lion would do if it could dodge that first hit.
Revenge-killing it after that shouldn’t be too hard.

I would need to to the math to be sure. Alorap is only 18 atm. But i did forget about revenge killing. that shouldn’t be too hard then.

Awesome week. Will unlock Smilonemys this year. :smiley::sweat_smile:
And can lvl Maxima :heart:

A nice week. A fair few dinosaurs I’ll be looking for.

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Yay for Maxima, but if it’s gonna be even harder to dart than Brachi… somehow I already know I’ll be dissapointed with that number :smile:


Hmmmm let’s see if I will be able to find turtle close by.

Looks like I will be able to make Carboceratops after all.

so very interesting how freely they give away IG2/Maxima DNA after the 1.11 nerf :sweat_smile:

just remember though, every 10 for maxima is 200 brachi. i have to dart 2 brachis to get 1 maxima fuse (no VIP) :rofl:


Tail, head , tail head …for sure

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I’m VIP and still have to dart 2 Brachi for every 1 Maxima fuse :rofl:

I suck at darting the long necks. I’ll be happy with anything that ends in 0 for Ardont and Maxima.


Scolo, nasutoceratops, turtle for me. Plus the legendary and unique

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I like this week a lot! :heart_eyes: