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Deceleration Resistance is literally useless

Well throw another one on the “2.0 problems that make no sense” pile.

For the record, resistances are fine as a whole. But the deceleration resistance is actually mathematically useless if the percent isn’t high enough. For example, Erlidominus has a resistance of 50% (I personally feel like it should have been 100%, but that’s beside the point), so speed reductions are 25%. The thing is, for an unboosted Erlidominus, this puts it’s speed at 97, which is still less than every dino in the game. I fought one with Tryko and was able to outspeed it with my counter alone. Of course, this doesn’t account for boosts. But even then, you need a speed of 134 in order to outspeed even the slowest dino in the game after being slowed (with 50% resistance). And Erlidominus is one of the faster dinos in the game and has a speed boosting attack, so other dinos with this level of resistance get even less use out of it. If they wanted the resistance to mean that you had to have a dino of decent speed (maybe around 120ish) in order to outspeed a slowed dino with a deceleration resistance, then they need to set those resistances significantly higher. Otherwise, that resistance might as well be 0%.


I think they should remove the speed-buff nullification from Resilient moves (at least some of them). That way a speed-boosted Erlidominus (after using MSS) will remain faster than, say, a Trykosaurus.


Remember to take boosts and little speedups jnto consideration. They can change a lot

Resilient moves nullify speedups. Boosts are a viable option, but not against Trykosaurus, but that doesn’t matter too much.

Even without speedup, an Erlidom with 151 speed is slowed down to 113. Still faster than most tanks. That resistance is situational, but not completely useless

That would help, but also remember that most other dinos with this resistance are slower and lack a speed up option (for example, Spinoconstrictor).

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Resiliant is overpowered. That double speed Nerf is too much. Whoever designed cautious strike was behind this is well I’m sure

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Lol that’s funny because resilient is in every way the anti cautious strike.

Ludia: “OK devs who made cautious strike: it’s too strong, how do we counter it?”

Devs: “Idk. Let’s just make a new move that does the exact opposite.”