December 2020 Mailbox Survey (poll)

What Unique did you vote for?
  • Trykosaurus
  • Diorajasaur
  • Thoradolosaur

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Ik Thor sucks, but Im the closet to him

i just did a random one bc i have no uniques

Excellent event name Ludia! :roll_eyes:

the name was “carnivores gone wild”

Not when I opened it:

yea i know thats what i said
carnivores gone wild

You had “crazy carnivores” there a second ago… :thinking:


Let’s forget we saw him very blatantly edit it :joy:


Since i got enough ingredient to max them all,thor,so people can enjoy one of the finest unique hybrids.
You want it nerf?no problem,then play it

For the Rares I chose Gorgonops, Baryonyx G2 and Dilophosaurus. For the epics I chose Arcocanthosaurus and Allosaurus G2. My obvious choice for the uniques was Diorajasaurus.

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Dio is the easiest to dart of the 3, I have tryko maxed, and thor is bad, so dio was an easy choice

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I went for titanoboa and allosaurus gen 2 for epics. Because there exclusive.


I went for Allo g2 and Acrocanto :slight_smile:

Thor Cuz Why Not

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Went for Dioraja just because I have way less ingredient DNA for him than I do for Tryko or Thor, but I’d be okay with Tryko as well since I have neither Tryko nor Dio

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Tryko because I’m 560 out of 750 for level 30

Does dio use the Rajasaur model for darting?

Yes. It isn’t that hard itself

Commons can’t remember
Rares arctops + gorgonops
Epics Allo gen 2 + acro

Unique dio