Deception is the feeling


Brachi event. I’m laughing in despair at this award.


Congrats! Here’s a pile of pretty useless DNA! … sorry about that. I got about 300 Concanvenator… also rather useless.


hahahaha, we’re in the same boat


Dude i got koolasuchus and gryphosuchus as epic, and all wortless rares and commons xd i think i got the worst result possible xd


XD. My other epic was stygimoloch. A joke followed by another


I would have loved to get some Styggi… I’m getting close to the unique Tuoramoloch and need the Stygster to make lots of Paramoloch. Only 60 to go!


It is a matter of time, the arenas give dna of him guaranteed. Soon you will catch.


I didnt screenshot mine, but heres what i got:

Once he has a hybrid im set!


Lol, do you realize the amount of Stygi DNA required in total to create the hybrids?

Also, just ask how many trophies/rank @D_MOL has :grin: I am sure, he will catch soon!


Oh, I meant I only have 60 left to make Tuoramoloch… the battle grind is sooo slooowwww to collect Stygmoloch. I have thousands of Para and Tuojiangosaurus just waiting.

(I hover at 4800/5000) :wink: Think I was #82 in the tourney.


I got 188 t rex and 133 baryonyx


I got Secodontosaurus and Gryposuchus. So mad. :unamused:


I goy grypo and bary, my rare was junk but my common was Vrap and stego so useful at least


I do think on those big single dino opponent events that we got some DNA from the respective dinosaur.


I got 300 koolasuchus and 12 monopasurus!

I am trying to level up Monomimus and it doesn’t even give me 1 fuse!

I can level up the Koola!

Funny thing is I wanted gallimemous so badly and in the level up incubator was 3000 I was ecstatic forgetting about the Monopalasaurus needed!

It’s too bad we can’t request what we want in the prize


I got

It took so long for me to finally get my Kentro to 15, I almost forgot why I needed it. The rest was junk DNA.


I got grypo too and almost yanked my hair out


I got Ankylosaurus and Gryposuchus


Pyroraptor and Rajasaurus, which I found so demoralizing as I’m 134/150 to making my Brachiosaurus.


I got these two, happy with the T-rex!