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Decided to put my Dino Character in JWA

Deathraptor, or rather, his full title, “The Mongolian Deathraptor”, is a mysterious being about the size of a Utahraptor, but with the ability to control the very aspect of electricity itself. I have a whole webcomic I’m writing about him, and hope I can share it here eventually. But for now, he’s gonna sit here as a fanmade JWA dino.

He went through a bit of changes during his moveset phase, initially I wanted to give him Critical Impact, but then I remembered the long lost mechanic: Impairing Strike, and thought that was a much more fitting move for a creature based around both effectiveness, and defense. I was also going to give him Distraction or Nullifying Strike as a Basic Attack, but settled for Long Defense Strike as to give him some real defensive capabilities.


looks awesome :smile:

Awesome as heck

Looks amazing love the artwork​:heart: but looks too much like a Pokemon for me. :sweat_smile:

to me it kind of looks like raptor version of Tor or Zeus or something