Which to level up first? Coins are a premium & grinding in rainy weather is hard. Should end up at 85K coins by tomorrow… Any suggestions?

And is the rumour that the weekend’s strike consists of a lvl 30 indoraptor together with a lvl 30 Alanky true?

Tough call … have any of them had you wishing of late “if only they were a little stronger I would have won that”? Failing that embrace the rng of the game and flip a coin :rofl:

Actually I couldn’t care less about trophies cos I only fight for incubators these days. Less depressing and no smashed up phones. If I lost one becos my dino is just a wee bit weaker, I’ll just battle again. What I’m mostly concerned about is the usage of those precious coins. Hate to dump it on a dino to find out later that it is useless.

I’d sit on them for now then - then they will be available when you really need them

Stegodues first for tank and last hope.

Yep, probably wait until I have more coins to level up either Raja or Para to level 21 before switching out either I-Rex or Stegoceratops

World be strange to have an indoraptor with the pterosaur strike events week. We Will see tomorrow

Both level 30 Indorap & Alanky together would be brutal.

“Brutal” is an understatement.
Re: coins - had 250,000+ at one point - it was nice to have something you needed to level up and just do it.

Why not wait,i believe its not very far the day they will introduce 1.5 update.After that you will see the changes they will have made and then make all your decisions,


Yeah…at least until I see what tomorrow’s main strike event is like

i really hope so. the bug fixes on the most recent update were really great for me… made gameplay much better!

@Hersh Why the change of your profile pic?

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Because of random incubators… LOL

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my post explaining this got flagged for some reaason, but it will pop up eventually…

lol, i got koola and concavenator for the 3rd time from a 24 hour arena incubator…

haha, this is just my reminder to never have a moment of weakness and buy anything from ludia

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You need more reminders? :rofl:


bahaha touché…
no no, you’re right. i don’t lol.

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Opened a 12 hour incubator this morning - Purrusaurus (Gen 1 or 2, can’t remember, don’t care), Koolasuchus Gen 2 and something else on par with those that my mind has blanked out … as I said on another thread I think Ludia’s plan is to break our spirits so we are overly grateful when they put 10 Monolophosaurus and 10 Ankylosaurus into every incubator …


I don’t even consider those incubators as sources of DNA anymore… they’re only good for coins.
12/24 hours …Such a fake hype