So I got enough DNA to start making either Stegodeus or Gigaspikasaur, which one is better?
Also got the same issue with Utahsinoraptor and Allosinoraptor, tho I’m more inclined towards Utahsino.
Last but not least, since I got coin issues, recommend starting to fuse Tryostronix or Diloranosaurus?


Stegodeus definitely. Utahsinoraptor probably. Can’t comment on the other as have just got Dilo and don’t have Tryostronix - from what I have read the Tyro is good as long as its used at the right time.


I quite like the allosaurus and sino hybrid. It’s armoured has a stun ability and kills tanks. Could be wrong but is it not faster than T. rex?


Stego anytime of the day. Giga is a toothless tank


Stegod is the meta right now. Tryostronix is very good but needs to be a decent level to be effective in my opinion. Dilo is great and is definitely one of the better hybrids at the moment.

  1. Stegodeus for sure. Don’t even think of investing in Gigapikasaur other than for collection.
    Your ranking upto a great extent depends on the level of Stegodeus you have as it is one of the most reliable dino on your team. Superiority Strike, Slowing impact, defense, impact!!

  2. UtahSinoraptor/Allosinosaurus: Both are currently not good in current meta. Utahsinoraptor can be used to form an unique which again is not great. Allosinosaurus does not have any defense shattering attack making it worse than Allosaurus in options.

  3. Tryostronix: If you do not have a couple of tank breakers on your team, you can go for this. Not great at lower levels (due to smaller health) but starts becoming awesome as you level up due to Ready to crush + Ferocius Strike + Defense Shattering Rampage. Also, immunity is it’s best bonus.

  4. Dilorano: Definitely one of the most OP creature. Fast, good groups of attacks.


Stegodeus far outranks Gigaspikasaur but the latter isn’t terrible if you don’t have any other counter-strike options yet. Allosino is useless in my opinion, needs a lot of changes. Utahsinoraptor isn’t amazing but I’ve never seen an Allosino take down a dinosaur that hadn’t already lost a lot of health. Out of the last two, Diloranosaurus I think because it’s useful at lower levels than Tryo.


So just form Stegodeus and keep nodopato in the team? Shouldn’t have wasted attempts on the sinceratops this week, could’ve gotten more Amargo and start making Tragodistis


I don’t think it’s a waste, remember that Sino is much harder to come across than the Amargo components! You’ll have Tragodistis before you know it.


The only big difference between nodopato and gigaspik is armor increase from 25 to 40%. All nodopato DNA should go to stegodeus.


I agree with all of this! Perfect answer