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I am wanting to replace Ardent, and this weekend is the perfect time, so what do you think I should switch? Everyone has boosts but Thor. Quezt and Nemys are my favorites, so not gonna give them up.

I would suggest for when the boost shuffle event comes, take your boosts off of maxi , and put them on Thor, as Thor will be useful for raids.

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I have friends for the Thors. I use Dio instead.

well, I would still take your boosts of maxima and put them on something else, maybe magna if you can unlock it, if not then maybe the snek.

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I can try to get magna. I think I just have the coins to do it.

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What Ill do is store the boosts, then once I get magna I will throw them onto magna.

i’m partial to spinoconstrictor. but that’s just me. the shenanigans you can pull of with swaps are great.
I do think you’ll need something versatile (kinda wild cardish) to fill the gap. Magna, Grypo and Rinex come to mind.

Currently just need coins for Magna. The raids are helping with DNA. I have Tenontorex, but just not many wildcards collected. Currently my goal is get Magna and level up Dio.

What’s further down???

Possibly some good stuff out of view.

Agree on with you on Nemys and Orion. Mine have helped get me to 5800+ trophies

I think a lot of people underestimate Nemys, even after raids, as players don’t seem to know how to counter it properly. Mine has been wrecking team lately

I think you need some swap utility. You only have Orion and nemys for that, both of which can kinda work, but a true dedicated swapper like Rhino would works wonders on a team like this

Also OB Dilorach is fun to play if you don’t mind heal spamming