Deck of twelve thoughts?


It is a challenge to pick the top 8 and having to completely bench one for another, especially after time and money has gone into certain dinos. I understand this wouldn’t work for beginner levels, but would it be a bad idea at a certain arena level?


I would like to have not only a deck (of 8 dinos), but more decks (of 8 dinos as well) so that I can easilly change deck to do strike events.

You need to have a balanced deck and then RNG choose 4 of them for the fight. so having a deck of 12 I think it would allow RNG to choose maybe just 4 glass cannon, for example, and you will not be able to win this fight.

I have two speedy dinos with low health in my deck now so I think I am loosing if RNG choose both to be put in my fab 4 fighting dinos… So I can’t imagine having 12 dinos for RNG to choose.


A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4. The Ludia raises coin limit cause we would have to raise 12 Dinos for our team.