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Bug Description: Today I received a new legendary dinosaur Spinotasuchus. I was excited to try it out so I changed my team a bit and started playing, after 10th battle I noticed the new dinosaur never appeared in my team no matter what. I’ve tried to restart my game, my phone and even Wi-Fi and even friendly battles to try and make it stay there but it just won’t appear as if the game doesn’t count it as a dinosaur.
I’d appreciate if anyone could please help me cause I really don’t know what to do ;;

Area is was found in: Team/Deck

How do you reproduce the bug: Making the teams more stable/in place
Step 1- x
Step 2 - x
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: All the time

What type of device are you using: Samsung S8+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) It’s also randomly changing up my team without me modifying it. All I really wanted was to use my new legendary ;; Please help me I’d appreciate if anything could be done to prevent my team from making this


This isnt a bug/glitch its just bad luck. If its in your deck it’ll appear… eventually.


That’s not a bug. It randomly selects 4 dinosaurs from your team of 8. You just haven’t gotten it selected yet. 10 battles isn’t even that many matches to begin thinking this is some sort of bug or glitch. 10 battles does not mean it happened “all the time.”


Trust me I’ve tried it
It somehow takes the dinosaur as “non existing one”
After this event on Sunday Something messed up in my team and it even randomly adds different dinosaurs


Recent update : Even events won’t let me choose the dinosaur and give me something else instead


In events you chose what dinos you want to play with