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Deconstructing DNA


I understand that updates are necessary for a game app to develop to an entertaining experience for most of us.
Thus the developers of JWA may need to tinker on some creatures to neutralize their power, depending on the players reception.
While I am for it, I do have some concerns here.
Here it goes:
For the past year, I’ve developed and utilized the Ankylocodon. A hybrid of choice for me back then. Its a powerhouse of immunity, defense and attack. I usually win with it on my attack team. But recent updates have rendered it powerless. Like I said, i understand the need for updates but too much time and effort were shed in the development of this hybrid and now, its been sitting on the bench always reminding me of how I should’ve used the Ankylosaurus Gen 2 for much better superhybrids such as the Alankylosaurus.
Enough of that.
My suggestion is, maybe we can have a sort of DNA deconstruction for old hybrids in our roster that’s never seen any action due to the game’s constant upgrades. This way, we’ll be able to utilise more of the DNA we spent so much time and effort (for others, money) on, instead of moping around.
Thanks in advance for the positive, encouraging feedbacks!


It’s a great idea!

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I wish I had a dollar for every client who asked for a discount then a discount then a discount then asked about cash back… Or changed thier mind and wanted different colors for cabinets… Or I just decided I don’t want it (after custom product was made) could you just refund me for it.


Its just a suggestion. They may or may not go with it. Its ok. What do you think they made this forum topic for?


I would assume it was made as an experiment to see once and for all if given enough monkeys and type writers you could in fact re create the works of Shakespeare…

It so far hasn’t yielded any thing.


Well for one it yielded trolls like you. So your assumption is somewhat true.

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Not trolling. You hit a nerve with your post. Sorry it happens. Then you got snarky which is another trait I have to deal with (usually from the same people with buyers remorse) so I replied in kind.


The game definately needs a devolve option.


Why so you can refund buyers remorse… You made a choice live with it good or bad


Ethan let it go… Not the place for padding wounded egos


Ok, first I hit your nerve? So that means your response is justified? Then I got snarky. Hmm… wonder why? Who’s the first to get snarky?


I would assume is was Mr. Snark. He was famous for his quick witted and dry sense of humor. He was very continental dapper. Lots of people imitated him.


First of all, I was posting my suggestion and it is what it is.
So i should let it go? Why havent you thought of that when you first read my suggestion?
Just saying.


I did and don’t agree with you


Well I was gonna but… Then decided not to and replied an you replied to my reply…

So I replied to your reply that was replying to my original reply to your post… Which is basically just buyers remorse.


Just don’t want to see the banter between you and faethor to be perfectly honest


So we agree to disagree. And like i said, its ok.


Oh I see you need the last word OK I promise say another thing I will be quiet


Another thing.

Thank you!


LMFAO …y’all are so messed up

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