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Deconstructing DNA

Well, this post was derailed quickly…

How is it buyers remorse though?

Buyers remorse is being dissapointed in a purchase. It’s like saying to yourself… dang, I shouldn’t have spent so much $ on this car, I thought I would have liked it a lot better then I actually do. I prolly shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

This is more like a … dang where is my Lamborghini that I invested so heavily in…and why is this rusty old Ford Escort in my garage? What the heck is going on?

The gist of the post was. I want my DNA from ankylocodon back to make the other hybrid. Even though I made him played him and liked him. I just didn’t know I would like the other one

The Dino in question is was ankylocodon which did not receive any adjustment in this recent patch. Either the OP out grew it. Or is one of the people whose play style is not a good fit for it.

But in either case I do feel for that issue as I did the same thing to the same effect. What I didn’t do was try to make a suggestion to change the game for it after freshly creating a forum account and failing to use the search function.

He started this thread, you stated you were done posting.

I must have missed the rule that states you can’t express an opinion if someone else already made a similar thread weeks or months ago.

I believe having multiple points of view on the same topic shows that it isn’t just one person feeling this way, it gives the topic more weight.

What I don’t appreciate is someone repeatedly telling the original poster/thread starter that their point is insignificant or incorrect.

You had your say.

I was off you started back up. I’m off again.