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Decrease duties chest cooldown

I would like to suggest that the cooldown for duties chest be reduced.

I always do “Hard” for my duties chest but I can consistently complete it way before the 8 hour cooldown is up.

I hope that it could be reduced to 3 hours to allow hardcore/consistent players to unlock more chests. I enjoy logging into the game frequently to keep up with the duties available, but it’s kind of a bummer when I get stuck like this for hours on end.



I agree 8 hours is way too long I had to stop playing and till I could claim the chest


I see no need for a coll down at all, I’m at a point where the only way to progress is by buying 4star dragons as all my 3star are maxed and the chests are my main motivation in the game right now


Since when a cool down? Now i dont play anymore because of this… Its ruining the game for me. Claude i play for the chests


Hey Vikings, thanks for providing us with your feedback, we really appreciate it! :smiley:

I’d be sure to share them with our team.


8,hours is indeed way too long.if you really want to play you can’t cause you would have to stop and wait at one point.and as most duties give you energy currently you can play but it will come to a stop and that makes one not want to play at all.

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Remove 8 hours’ waiting for viking chest. It’s very uncomfortable

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Full energy and my Duties look like this…
This is such a mood killer


How about spending runes to reset the cool down time?

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